Ocean forest, high ppm and knowing when and how to feed properly

Ok so very new here and to growing, I decided to use ocean forest for my medium during my first grow, and went with the general hydro flora line for additional nutrients.

I’m running into an issue with ppm I just transplanted a clone that is in mid veg to a larger pot and did a run off test and got 2800 ppm. The plant seemed fine before that I was feeding half the dosage on all the nutes on the feed chart. Once i transplanted I did a clean ph water feed with no nutrients. After a few days when it was time to feed again I did another clean water feed that was phed and got that very high number

This plant btw shows no sign of deficiencies or any serious problems which is another strange thing to me

I realize that the ppm in the soil is organic so it changes things a bit. My question is what the best way to go about adding additional nutrients and knowing when to add them. I heard FFOF was good for beginners but seriously regretting not using coco and being able to control the nutes and ppm myself

To start with I dont know about clones however I’ve grown in FFOF 3 times now and you shouldn’t be feeding neuts for 4/6 weeks. The high TDs is normal with that soil as it is pretty hot. Wait till you get ppm down to 800/1000 before you need to feed. Also keep your ph going in close to 6.5


Just to add… I think the reason people say it’s good for beginners (the reason I went with it BTW ) is due to the fact that you dont have to feed till late veg. The main thing using it is you need to pay attention to your girl as she will tell you what she needs and pay attention to ppm and ph.