Observation on different size of trunks

Our pot for pot is 5 gal fabric super soil, water only and is twice the size of the other 2 canna coir in taller pots with smaller pot circumference.

Autos only, what conclusions are drawn from the circumference of the base of the plant.

P4p bushed and tall, if she stacks like other one has started to, yee haw, and the framework is there.

The coirs are each different, with smaller trunks, its been thst way basically since wk 2. P4p was size of a quarter while other 2 size of dime, jacks nutes for 2. Thoughts?

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I know a relative of mine said the thick stalks are a good indication of a high producer
I like to see a good healthy stalk and stems. Usually the buds a good and fat too.


I don’t think you can compare soil to coco growing unless you take in all the factors of using coco like buffering it properly, fertilizing with every feeding, and automatically feeding several times a day. If you do all those things you might be surprised at the results and have a better comparison.

Respect that, feeding was done as per selected journal for coco. Fact is p4p s special soil is twice the size though. As the directions for p4p is water only. The pot for pot dot com, was ordered, 100.oo for 5 gal fabric pot, it came with lots of neat toys. Scissors, iphone camera lenses for trich shots, jiffy pellet egg for germination, wstering pot with spout, all soil ingredients, lots of stickers to use to mark strain growing, and p4p emails us regularly checking on progress. Its like having a second forum if needed for help. We had ilgm 15 percent off that 100.oo, p4p order came with ilgm 40.00 off seed purchase. Win win

We wanted easy, simple recipe for first grow.  Lots of growers have tweeked recipes as their experience and knowledge grows. 

Finished grow and final (i dont like saying product, we have no inrentions of selling) tally on harvest will help us draw conclusions.

Dont expect to have to break out the chainsaw for harevest to bring her down, i have seen that done on an outdoor grow on here somewhere. Lol. Pour my first cup and get to beardless journal, hes doing some amazing training on his ladies.

My outdoor plants get really huge stalks because of the wind… it makes them really large and strong

Everything done indoors is to mimic some of mother nature, and i bet you give your ladies lots of tlc that promotes strong growth as well being outdoors.

I think it was hippierunner1 that fired a chainsaw up to take one down. I have been amszed at some of the trunks I’ve seen posted.

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LOL… yeah I use a trim saw. Never thought about the chain saw… I have a mini battery operated one hahah