NYC Diesel auto indoor harvest help

I’m going to be as succinct as possible. First time grower. I had some transplant shock and temp/humidity issues in first grow space that screwed up my overall grow, but the plants have pulled through. They are not great, but they have survived and will produce something.

One plant turned yellow very early, but continued to grow, and the flowers looked fine. Now I’m almost to harvest, and the flowers/calyx are starting to turn purple or brown. I can’t tell if this is normal, or a problem. I thought I was ready to harvest, because I check trichomes on the leaves, but took a small bud, and realized that I need more time. At least I think?

Questions: Are these flowers alright? Ready for harvest? I know NYC Diesel can show purple, but I can’t tell if this is normal, or problem?

See pictures:
Most pictures are of the yellow plant. One is of my other plant, that is also turning purple. Light burn? Normal? Nutrient burn?


Looks great always check trics on buds never leaves, an also never transplant autos good rule of thumb

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Definitely won’t transplant on my next grow if I can avoid it. These girls were going strong until I transplanted. Still not sure if these colors are good or bad. My short plant that is behind on the grow is not turning purple yet. It is farther from the light, so I can’t tell if the purple is light burn. I’m using 300w CMH?

What are your temps? Color is never a bad thing when they look like that

Temp has been between 69F and 73F. I’d say mostly at 70F. I put a dehumidifier in my space a couple weeks ago to keep the humidity under 50%. It’s pretty steady at 45% right now. But, it has fallen as low as 39%. As I think about it, the purple starting happening around the time I put the humidifier in. I wanted to make sure the humidity was good during flower, as it was around 50% or slightly above for most of the grow.

I feel like your plant is using nutes from the leaves as it finishes up its life.

cut off dead leaves. this will help monitor the progress.

Alright, I may do that. Hard to tell if the leaves are actually dead. They have been yellow since week 2 - 3. I’ve had a good amount of yellowing/brown spots on my plants. I was ph-ing my city water with the dye drops until a few weeks ago, when I got a pen. I’m starting to wonder about chlorine in the water (read about it in another post). I’ve had these weird problems throughout the grow. I’ve only given them water and a small amount of fox farm big bloom. But, I saw Nute burn, almost immediately, and only gave them very small amounts of fertilizer a few feedings. Now I’m going only water that is at about 6.5 ph. My only possible issues are water and airflow. If anybody reads this, approx. when should I harvest? I have a pocket scope, but it’s nearly impossible to check the tri’s when on the plant.

Get your humidity down as low as possible right now and watch the sugar just explode every where

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This looks beautiful. Your plant is coming to the end and eating her nutes. I always overfeed too long, so I never get those natural autumn colors.

If this had happened earlier, it would be bad, but you’re looking spot-on & gorgeous.

Got any sexy trich pics?

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