Nutrients for big buds, Denser buds

What do you guys use for Denser buds ? To get them looking crispy and everything? Im currently using

Big bud
Bud candy
Mendocino honey
Sensi bloom line

Currently on week 3 of flower

I’ve used fox farms, roots organics terp teas, super soil, and jacks 321 is on deck. All have produced rocks. I believe it’s more genetics and proper lighting that will get you the dense nugs.


If you provide good genetics, nutrition, lighting and environment you will realize large dense flower. Adding all of that other stuff doesn’t really do a whole lot.

Some things you can do for a larger yield: longer veg time, larger pot, soilless over soil, hydro over soilless. The only additives I’ve bought into (and have run full line of GH on grows) are silica, cal mag and mycorrhizai. Sugars aren’t absorbed by roots and are used for the soil biome. Unfortunately most media doesn’t contain any real colony of micro-flora. If in dirt outdoors that may be different.

Good quality base nutes, good water and correct TDS will give you great yields.

Here’s a 4 1/2 month grow in soilless media:

Indoors under gucci lights, GH base nutes, Armor, Cal mag. 402 grams dried flower

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