Nutrients during final stages

Howdy all, I have a question about adding nutrients during the final stages of growth before harvest. 1st question,
Should i add any nutrients? I’m about 2 weeks out before harvest and my buds are looking great. They are firm and healthy looking, trichromes are starting to go from clear to milky and pestles (sp) are about 50% orange. I am worried that if i add nutrients at this stage i might affect or alter the taste.
But I want the buds to plump up as much as possible.
My second question is how much light should they be getting? I have them on a 12/12 timer right now but wonder if i give them more light they may plump up better. Oh btw, these are
Jack Herer plants and grown inside in pots and Fox Farm Happy Frog soil. Excellent lightning and good ventilation.
Thanks in advance for all information. Everyone has been great and i really appreciate it. This is my second grow and already have learned a ton from this forum and website. Thanks again.

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Most will do a two week flush, meaning water only for the last two weeks.

Unless you are having issues or something, there should be know reason to change light schedule. Good luck and congratulations on making it to the finish… :+1: :v: :sunglasses:


If you increase the timer duration you will cause plants to reveg or herm on you so that’s a no-go. You can add more lights but looking at the light demand for plants, you are likely past the peak and they actually use less light now.

Screen-Shot-2018-12-28-at-11.19.14-AM (2)

Here’s a graph of nominal light levels throughout the grow.


@Lostintheozoneagain ,#1 can you upload some pics? #2 If your pistils are no more than 50% turned you may have weeks to go! #3 unless you’ve over-fertilized toward the end flushing only deprives buds of nutrients they need to get plump, which they will if you let them.