Nutrient schedule program

I’m following a nutrient
Program And when it says to put
Nutrients every other day, would
You put any 6.5 water in between
The time period of the nutrients?
Or would you just follow the program
Of every other day for nutrients
I’m trying the Fox farm Soil Program

I always alternate or possibly every 3rd time add just water. We have to assume that you are greoing in soil, since you mentioned PH 6.5. If this is the case; Your plant may not require feeding or watering until the 3rd day; Or longer. In a soil grow you basically want the pot to almost completely dry out before watering again. Hope this answers your question.

I’ve been told that there is a substance
Called Tango ??? Something that
You can put around the lip of your
Pot bucket and at the base ( stalk)
Of your plant that will help keep
Bugs away
Do you happen to know what the full
Name of this product is or where
It can be purchased?
We have 7 different strains and it
Seems the only one that likes to have
Mites once in awhile is the Rhino
All the others seem to do fine
That’s why I was wondering about the
Stuff called Tango ???( something)

I’ve heard of a pesticide called Tango and a fungicide called Tango Super or something like that. I have no idea where to get it. I first saw it in Hawaii and it was used to control fire ants.

I did happen to find it on
Looks as though it would help if you
We’re to put it around your pots
I may have to try some

I think I would try Roberts Bug Blaster treatment. Brand new stuff. :smiley: