Nutrient pump run time 24/7?

I have set up a pvc hydroponic system but do I run the nutrient pump 24/7?
Still in the germinating stages

I don’t know exactly what your ‘PVC hydroponic system’ is, but in Ebb n flow most people flood the table for say 15-20 minutes every eight to 12 hours ect., you kind of judge by how wet the chosen medium stays, how quick it dries out, other factors like Heat, fans factor in too

once you get everything completely set up then I think you’ll be able to better make this decision

-good luck

It’s a NFT system, using palm peat but I’m going to install 2 more pvc pipes for herbs as well.

I just need to work out for how to set my timer correctly

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Okay I’ve never used that but I’m familiar with it.

I believe it runs all the time, the roots are always bathe in a steady flow, let me look it up a little later when I have some time but yes I believe it runs all the time

I think I have a book on it here and if I do I’ll send its ISBN number along too…

The book wasn’t nft but yeah, nft runs all the time, keep us posted, heres some info

Good luck

Running smooth reap the harvest to come herbs and medicine…

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Upgrade to a second pipe on the hydroponic system