Nutrient problem first time grow

You guys are off to the races with the PPMs and stuff :+1: ( that zips by me quick )

I’d raise that light or do what you can to get lefty a little distance from it.

@Jbs333 whats your plan for feeding? Worm castings are good… especially teas… you Mentioned keeping it organic.

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Well we gave it a shot and will see how that pans out! I have ordered some organic stuff but to get them some immediate relief I went with some fish fertilizer 5–1-1 (which I think has some calcium in it) and a miracle grow organics 9-4-12 and that has calcium and magnesium. Both water soluble and I’ll feed them tonight. I also moved the lights so will see how that helps. Thanks again for all your help!

Go really easy on the fish fertilizer. That stuff is real hot and check your pH after you add it to the water because that stuff is pretty acidic.

Personally I wouldn’t touch anything with the name miracle grow on it and I really do not trust them to put out a decent organic product.

If you want to try and easy to use liquid organic regimen check out the liquids that roots organics puts out. For a good balanced dry fertilizer coast of Maine Stonington Fertilizer is very good

Since you already know how to make tea you could definitely boost your plants health by feeding some compost tea. If you get some organic compost from the garden store toss that in your tea bucket with some organic black strap molasses and some seaweed extract, bubble it for 24 hours and it’s like chicken soup for your plants soul. I feed that weekly to all my plants regardless of the feeding regimen. Keeps the micro herd healthy and if your plant is ever under the weather they really love that stuff


Such great advice, thank you. I know, I really balked at the miracle grow but just wanted to get something on board. Will try the tea!

Everything he said! But especially this. I havent burnt any plants to death with it (it does get strong in higher concentrations tho) but a couple spoons will drop pH by entire values. Like into the 4’s. Emulsions have been my things for my whole grow career so they work, just need some tinkering and experience with them as there’s no ‘chart’.

Stay away from MG.

Coast of Maine is awesome!

And the bubbler til is golden but save it for your next big step lol. Dangit D. I shoulda just quoted ur text and clapped :rofl::joy:


You guys have been amazing! Wish I had known this stuff when I started! But all part of the fun! I like the idea of making a tea and that’s definitely in my future. I’ll be careful with the fish fertilizer. If it becomes too acidic can you bring it back with a little bicarb?


I used pH up in the beginning, but ull eat through gallons of it… Baking Soda was cost effective and I used it almost a year, but it just never felt ‘right’… workd but seemd like a problem waiting to happen.

EVENTUALLY I got my feeding to the point I could free hand and know around how much it drops, and tried to keep it above 5… and brought microbes to the table. Recharge and Tribus (pretty costly together tho). But it eliminated my need to pH pretty much at all. I still monitor when I see hiccups and check ppms when Im seeing signs… but thats a bit past where your headed right now.

PH up is simplier but will cost u after a grow or two.

Baking soda is pretty strong and simple but could compact ur dirt and just… felt wrong.

Some brand makes an organic pH up i always wantd to try… but never got too

Edit: Nectar for the Gods is who I thought of, Blue Sky also makes one ive never heard of


Love all this great info. First grow has been so fun and scary! I’m hoping to make it to harvest!

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This is the way. :clap:

When I first started using fish emulsion and kelp extract and other organic liquids like that I just put in the water and water my plant. Now I use it as food for microbes and make tea and just feed Tea.

That’s one of the great things about tea. You feed the microbes and the microbes feed your plants


I really like the tea route and now will figure out a formula to mix and make tea. I bought some blackstrap molasses and compost today.

So helpful!


If you have a 5 gallon bucket, hole saw, decent air pump, and access to pvc… you could slap something together. @Budbrother gave me a list and writeup for one years ago. I couldnt be assd to pull the trigger myself but ive seen his in action. FROTHY BUBBLES GALORE

@GreenJewels also made one if im not mistaken…

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Man my rig for tea brewing is so damn simple it’s stupid.

Take bucket. Add stuff. Insert aquarium air stone. Turn on air pump. I’ve got about $30 into my set up :rofl:

@anon86641082 can tell ya about teas….

My recipe base is: kelp extract, blackstrap molasses, a scoop of compost or humus from the woods, water and bubble it.


Ooooo bubbles…love when the microbes really get it in and u see colors n ish… feels like your tripping haha


That looks great! How much of the kelp, molassess do you add?

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About 2-3oz of each for 5 gallons of water and about 1/2c of compost/humus. Its not exact, its dead plants, dirt and poop…. So like don’t get too serious ;-). Basically the compost/humus gives you your starter culture of microbes and the kelp, molasses are food for them (they love sugar…CARBS baby!) and the aeration gives them the oxygen they need to grow and multiply fast. Bubble this for 24hrs, no more than 36 or the beasties will start to die off and use it immediately

That’s my basic recipe for weekly plant happiness. I usually top dress organic ferts to feed but will put Fish emulsion or alfalfa meal in if i want to give a little extra N, and during flowering I like to put a bit of bat or seabird guano in for the P.


This is great! Thanks for being so helpful!

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Happy to share! I’m always chasing flavor so for me organic dirt is the way.


Oh boy. This requires the computer rather than the phone. I sure do love me some teas. The only way to go. No need to adjust ph on a good tea. Mmm all those little highways and microbes you will be feeding in the soil. Once you learn how to grow your soil life the plants will follow along. :wink:
I will chime in here in a bit once I get out the computer.
Rather use the spell check and save ya all some time :slight_smile:


Huuked on foniks wurkd fer me


Hahaha hooked on doobies is a more well rounded program. :wink: