Nutrient lockout cal mag defeciency or?

Strain:white widow photoperiod.
Age:5 weeks
Medium:ff happy frog and conditioner w/perlite
Light: viparspectra 2500 at 50% 18 -6
Humidity 50 -60% mostly.
Temp75 to 78 f.
Ff. Big 3
Cal mag
Ph rainwater occasional tapwater with vit.c tablet for chloramine

Water when dry is difficult with happy frog added nutes 14 days in and recharge after 20 one plant died one plant shot up the one in pics. 3rd one seems to be thriving. How do you water soilless medium correctly anyway??

@nosaj leaf cupping like that usually means too much heat

I use FF ocean forest, and I just go by weight. As long as you have plenty of drainage, and your plant isn’t sitting in any water, you just need to saturate it completely, let some run out, and then give it a couple days to dry out, and repeat. I would check the pot weight everyday after you next water, to help you get a feel for it.

As far as the leaves, I’m not experienced enough to tell you for sure, but my best guess would be needing some calmag with your next watering. I’ll tag some people that are smarter than me that can advise better @Graysin @1HappyPappy @HMGRWN @Bluntsmoke


That looks like a lockout probably from pH’ing rain water. You shouldn’t pH it. Flush and remove dead leaves. Re feed and keep an eye on new growth

:point_up_2: Happy Frog is soil and watered or fed using a wet/dry cycle. A support ticket would help. I see several issues but don’t won’t to give incorrect info :love_you_gesture:

Also drop the mammoth p for now if you’re using it. I could have sworn that is a pk booster

Yeah - that was my first thought too.

There’s a lot going on here. Adding nutes wasn’t needed - HF is soil and has nutrients in it for 3-4 weeks at least. PH should be around 6.5 and you’ll have to fight HF soil hard to keep it around there.

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:point_up_2: too much for me without more info :love_you_gesture:

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Agree with the rest need a little more details I see that you feed them at 14 days was there a problem FF soils can usually go 4 to 6 weeks with out a feeding

Novice rookie mistake on my 2nd grow

So do a runoff test of soil

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A run off test would be informative it’s a photo so don’t give up she can be saved

I didn’t know I’ve field test checked rainwater it came slighly acidic…
Also i ph up/down after i add nutrs too…
Plus oh yeah i add peroxide to rainwater.
Maybe ill return to tap water. I did with last grow…
Chloramine not chlorine in my water treatment where i live…
So add chloramine tablet…
I also used f.f o.c. too a little bit different this time with happy frog :frog:

So potassium booster…
I thought mammoth p . Just introduced microbes symbiotically to your medium

I have no issues with ffhf it’s the ffof that gives me issues with pH.

What else would you need
I got to move for her fast I’m a week in on this unadressed


Lighting, intake, exhaust and a oscillating fan. The lighting (a good light) is critical for optimum growth. The fans for environmental needs to maintain temps and RH. PH and TDS pen for mixing nutrients, medium and run off testing. That’ll get you under basic control. Personally I would water her to run off with water PHd at 6.5 and see what the run off numbers tell you as in PH and PPMs. That’s a place to start before recommending a reset with flushing :love_you_gesture: