Nutrient line help

I just wanted to know if the nutrient line from ilgm can be used in a hydroponics system. Dwc to be exact

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Yes I believe so. It’s a powdered nutrient line, so it needs to be dissolvable in water.
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Thanks I’m glad to be here. I’m just starting out and honestly my 1st 2 grows didn’t go to well. I started with the general hydroponics line, but I’m not a big fan of the results I get. And they seem to leave a residue on my roots

I think the ILGM nutrients may be out of stock at the moment.
Another recommended affordable nutrient line is Jacks Nutrients. A lot of members have switched, yes they’re affordable but they work well. So far since switching, I have no complaints.
I use part A and B, and purchased epsom salt separately. Which is the magnesium source. That’s all there is to it.