Nutrient burn - what to do next

First time grower looking for advice on where I go from here, since I have messed up already

Growing feminized Purple Haze, planted in pots with Foxfarm soil 5/12. 6/2 transplanted to one gallon pots with Foxfarm (Happy Frog) soil. Fertilized a couple days later. Leaves started to droop with burnt edges, diagnosed with nutrient burn. Bottom leaves edges turned brown and crunchy and turned yellow and fell off. 6/8 I did a flush. Giving only water since then. She has grown 15mm in the last 8 days. Feel like she has recovered but afraid to mess up again. Growing outdoors in the south with high humidity and temps in the mid 90s. She is about 15 inches high. I bought 10 gallon fabric pots which I plan to use.

If growing outdoors is 10 gallon pot big enough?
When do I transplant in larger container?
When do I prune?
When can I start giving nutrients again?

@Coco27 If its brand new Fox Farm soils you won’t need nutrients till 4 to 6 weeks. This also depends on how big the plant is. Bigger means it eats the nutrients fast. And with small plants. You can go at least 6 weeks before adding nutes.

Yes 10 gallons is fine for growing outsoors. I recommend to NOT use black colored fabric bags due to the heat in the South. We are hitting past 100 degrees before humidity is factored in which is hitting 120 degrees.

I live on the South Texas coastline so its exteme
Heat and Humidity.

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So if you are in Texas you feel my pain, I’m next door in Louisiana and the temps are brutal already. I have WHITE 10 gallon pots for that reason. She has been in Foxfarm soil for about 5 weeks now and I did do a flush. Does a flush remove the nutrients? How do I know when to start feeding again? Can I prune now?
Thanks @MrPeat for your comments.


You can check the ph and tds of the runoff .

@beachglass What number for TDS am I looking for to start feeding again?

Since she is small, you should have plenty of nutrients for another week or so.

Flush gets rid of the salts that build up.

To feed you need to check the PPM runoff and go from there.

As for training, that is up to you and your end goals. You want to do it before it flowers. I don’t
train. Many do but my theory is if its good enough for Mother Nature, then its good enough for me.

And its going to be a extremely hot summer like we had in the summer of 2019. I remember this because I was running a Firework Stand and it was hitting with humidity the temps hit past 135 degres. It was rough as I had to live there and I only had my motorcycle at a time.

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Thanks so much for these numbers. I am at 437 and I think I am past early vegging so maybe I can start feeding slowly. Thanks so much for all the replies, you guys are great?

Don’t forget about the ppm going in. maybe start with 1/4 to 1/2 of nutes.


I do, experiment or train. I am doing my part to save on gasoline. My theory is Only the strong survive.
Looks can be deceiving. Your plants look great compared to my not surviving well girls.


@DEEPDIVERDAVE I have 4 years under my belt. My first plants compared to now is not even close to comparison. Once you decide what you want to do aka train or not, you will master how you do it.

It was a learning curve as I had already grown for 1 year almost 5 months before I joined here. I have my system dialed into perfection.

Example: I treated both the same. In every way.

Both the same age and same strain. You should see the earlier photos that is in my main grow journal. It showcases genetics at its finest.

I feel the pain more than you.
35 years ago the learning was so painful.
7 years ago I got cut short (again).
I found this site the week after I started growing 2022.
You are so correct. Dialing in the system was my goal for this grow. All new hardware, software, and terms to learn. DLI, PPM, You know the list. I still look words up and read daily.
Again, grow is being cut short-er, as the stitch count increases.
I love cloning Bonsia ladies (little) and growing them to tall.
Never had more than 3 foot of grow height available, before now. 6.5 is 2 inches taller than I enjoy reaching, but works.

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I have no more growing pains. I haven’t since the first full year. I have a unique growing conditions which sucks. But nothing I can do about it. Just go with the flow and dialed in how I grow.

I would not get 8 foot trees indoor if it wasn’t dialed in. The front plant is almost touching the lights so I will be raising the panel up. Both is Indica dominant and the back one has fan leaves 4 times bigger than the front. I can’t put those back fan leaves in a baseball mitt they are so big.

@Coco27 if you transplant to 10 gallon pots with fresh just keep checking your run off ppms when they fall below 1000 its time to start feeding