Nutrient burn advice

I am growing northern lights auto. It’s about 4 weeks old. I added a very small amount of urea and now the leaves have started to go brown and die. The new shoots seem to be fine. Is there a way I can fix this problem

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Seems the urea was a little strong. Not sure if a flush will do it or is it possible to repot to get it out of the hot stuff. Looks like a recent transplant. @Thefuture

With an auto at 4 wks, I definitely would not transplant it, b/c they don’t like their root systems disturbed too badly. Flushing such a young auto, could disturb those roots, too, unless you’re incredibly careful.

What’s your pH, after adding the urea? If it’s really out of whack from the urea, maybe try to get that back into line?

I have 6 autos going now. I had to flush them at 2 weeks, but they were in cowpots inside of their permanent homes, so my roots were protected.

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The nutrients was a bad idea… plant is to young… :wink:
Also it looks like she’s drowning… not enough roots for that much water… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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If the new growth continues to be fine, I’d just ride it out. As said, transplanting autos isn’t really desirable. Lay off any more nutrients until the plant shows signs of needing any. Also, get a handle on your PH.

The damage is done and transplanting it would just further stress it. There really is no window of recovery on these fast maturing autos.


Hey guys thanks for the advice. It hasn’t been transplanted or over watered. I’m thinking my soil is not the right mix. I have perlite, peat moss and growing soil from the local shop. I won’t be adding nutrients anymore. Are outdoor autos supposed to be this small?

At 4 weeks I would expect any plant to be a couple nodes taller. I’ve only grown a few autos but my recollection is that they looked petty much like any other mj plant i grew.

This is a white widow auto at 23 days old from seed

But with autos everything is important especially timing and ph is critical, I mean life and death critical. I over fed a auto and it stalled it out for about a week but now you can’t tell these next 2 are 41 days from seed.

I will also say I grow in coco which is like hydro so you get faster growth. These are the same age from seed both wwa from ilgm genetics grown in coco, vermiculite with advanced nutrients


Better give less than fertilizer

@Sirsmokes you use cocoa do use it alone or do you mix it with soil and if I use it with soil and perlite would that work for seedlings never grew before, looking for soft soil for root growth.

@Royc I use vermiculite and it is very soft but be careful if you put seed directly into coco it can be hard to get the watering down I lost 3 seedlings trying to get coco down. I ended up using rapid routers with great success

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yes, @Sirsmokes I was going to mix FFOF and more vermiculite, and mix in a little coco to “soften” the soil for rapid root growth… or start in tray with peat pods then or peat pods into FFOF with same mix??
I’m new first time grower researching and testing equipment and tent for temp range, When all it is delivered by March 31st, then ordering seeds when pension check comes in…

What I really like about coco is its basically as close to hydro you can get without all the water. And with coco the plant only gets what you give her. I feed mine every watering which can get costly so if your on a tight budget you can adjust accordingly to your specific grow and need. I use advanced nutrients too

The FFOF mixed with coco and vermiculite will give you a great medium to grow in. I do exactly that with some hydroton pellets thrown in. Works really well.

@raustin I am getting the hydroton pellets also. I got the recipe from you on another thread lol…
you did give the ratio right?

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Oh, lol. When I mix it I go by how it looks, so my ratios are not very scientific. All I can say is I go by handfuls and I have medium sized hands. Lol.

So I start with the FFOF and a good 6-8 handfuls of perlite, and one brick of watered and decompressed coco. I don’t rinse anything, but I know some people do. Then just mix in a few handfuls of clay pellets and mix it all up well. I also like to add Ph-ed water to get it all nice and moist.

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I don’t recommend using nuts.till the plant has at least 5 sets of leaves unless it’s a clone with a strong root ball then basic 3part