Notorious thc harvest is getting close

How close till harvest?


Hi there they look great I use this chart.

I’ve got a different one I find it and put it up in a bit

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This one pretty handy

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Happy growing @OldBuds

Thank you

@OldBuds Looks to me like you have some re-vegging going on there…

This is an outside grow

How long has it been since it started flowering. @OldBuds

Strange looking plant to me. Alot of single blade leafs like it revegged but kinda looks like its almost mature.

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I harvested her today 17 oz wet trimmed.



Every leaf had a bud. Crazy plant.


Mine done the same last year took ages to finish off but turned out great @OldBuds @Poseidon1.

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Tks for sharing. Very sticky…

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