Not the autos I ordered

I ordered the 3 pack of autos. Bbanner Gglue and Girl Scout cookies. I am at day 58 and nothing. I am screwed now. I dont have the room for photos. Can you make this right? It sucks all the time wasted. Thank you!

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Def not autos. Fp fem photo. af auto flower. Sorry bro. Must have clicked the wrong one.

@Jdogg lose that pic i see a name and address on it. B safe about pics u post

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Just flip to 12/12. Nothing to be sad about.

How do I delete @Mark0427. Thks

The 3 dots and then trash can on thatbpost

Repost if u want but white out the address. Dont want any unwanted visitors ya know.

Damn it won’t show trash or edit

@Covertgrower can u trash his pic with his address for him. Please and ty @MattyBear @imSICKkid

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All taken care of, please be cautious of the pictures posted. Might be wise to look over the rules before posting.

If you email customer service they can help. This is the grow support forum.


Thk u. Won’t happen again