Not sure what to call this type of yellowing is called

Kind of powdering yellowing thing going on.

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It could be normal variegation, but I would check for bugs on the undersides of the leaves. I’ve never seen variegation look like this.

If bugs it can be treated with Capt Jacks Deadbug.


No bugs and a less pronounced yellowing beneath. I’ll see if it passes or progresses, thanks for the feedback

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Definitely strange I can see that there are more affected leaves in the background. I also noticed you may want to ease up on the nitrogen. Leaves are dark kinda looks like it’s starting to claw close to the buds.

Give it some magnesium I would suggest. Dial in the ph tighter. A little epsom top dressed in is what i use. I have had this issue. Same symptoms exactly. I kept the nutes on schedule along with watering. The epsom is an easy non invasive start. Calmag foliar i also like. This is based on your ph and nutes being dialed in. Living soil same. I had this happen there with reused soil. I always have to ammend my reused living soil with epsom. I would try the easy safe way and see what happens in a week. No change dig deeper. Just my thoughts.