Not Sure What Happened

I’m embarrassed by the crappy plant I grew but caulk it up to a learning experience.

Not sure if I should harvest. This is Northern Lights Auto grown in a tent along with Wedding Cake and Critical Mass. Both this other 2 are doing great.

I use Fox Farm nutes (used at 1/2 strength) with PH correct water. Had to bend over cause it was too high for tent.

Can anyone put a eyeball on this and recommend I keep going with this plant and harvest. It’s 10 weeks old so I think it’s early to harvest but I’m not sure.


Here’s a little better pic of plant


Welcome back @BuzzCut2030 .
Be proud she made it to/close to the finish line. I see some clearish looking trichs and would probably nurse it for a few more days.
I had a Strawberry Cheesecake auto that nearly all the leaves turned yellow in a matter of days at week 6 of flower. I was afraid I would have to take it early but kept giving it “a couple more days”. I squeezed 9 weeks total and got a decent result.

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Don’t be. Plant looks great.

How long has it been in flower? I think you have a few weeks left. Trichomes are starting to go milky.

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Hey man don’t be embarrassed, congrats on marking it this far, maybe a little bit more time and those tricomes will change, but hats off on getting this far, look good

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