Not sure Newbie

Very basic newbie 3x3 SF kit. 2 5gl. WW
Day 5
Maybelle is starting to come up
Sara Carter is ?? This seed was a little funky after germinate. It had lost some insides.
Leave it? It’s definitely got root. FF soil FF starter soil in the middle. 25c 75h 18/6 22” height


Give it another day or two. Have another seed on standby.


Agree with above. Give her a few more days, sometimes they like to take there time,

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What does that mean??

Did you use any root stimulant when planing?

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I don’t exactly know what it was, but I had 2 WW seeds in a small glass of water, spritz of peroxide. Dark cabinet, after 48 hours “what swirly stuff” was floating in the water. One seed had a small tail and the other seed, “Sara” just looked cracked with a bit of something inside showing. I just went ahead and planted them.

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No, just Fox Farm seed starter.

That should do the trick. Did you use the spritz of H2O2 for germination? I hear that’s a good way to boost germination.
I clean with H2O2 then I use distilled water, General Hyde RapidStart for seedlings.

If you aren’t currently I would suggest a clear dome over the sprout.


I spritz with about 1/16 tsp mixed in distilled water of the seedling starter that came from ILGM.

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I’ll try that, just scored some clear solo cups.
Should I light 24/0? Its been 16/8

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I feel if all else is lost, let Mother Nature take care of it, put it on a window sill and spray some water and give it a couple of days. Worst that happens you had a pot use up room on your window sill for 3 days, and best case you get a seedling.

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24/0 is what I do.


Thanks everyone!
Sara is a dud. There is nothing there.
Maybelle is starting to sprout. Quickly!
I’ve got another WhW seed in water.
Gonna try this simple method first with some above suggestions.


Week 4!
I’m letting first plant just do her thing. 2nd plant starting LST.

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Looking good :+1:t2:

End of first grow. Thanks!

2nd grow-LST WW. Not sure looks healthy/unhealthy going on Week-5/6 Thanks!

There’s a thin membrane that covers the seedling itself and protects it from its own shell more or less. Like a amniotic sac of sorts. When it cracks , hence the tail, it’s slimy to the touch…that could possibly be what was floating. …Or, peroxide could have came in contact with something infectious in your germ area. That would explain it also. Otherwise, I only know of these two possible reasons.:joy: and that’s cause it’s science…lol

It looks like you have spider mites. Also, possibly the beginning of a potassium deficiency which could rally be a ph problem.