Not sure if I have a deficiency or burn

Not sure if this is a deficiency or burn? Transplant outdoors by digging a hole and filling with about four gallons of fox farm happy frog. After about three weeks I amended the soil with five tablespoons of Dr Earth tomato and herb and three tablespoons of Dr Earth bloom. It’s recommended to feed every twenty one days at a rate of two tablespoons per gallon of soil, it’s at twenty one days now but not sure if I’m deficient in something or burning the plants. Any help would be appreciated.

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That is more likely a mold issue than a deficiency or an excess.

Great for tomatos, but using it with cannabis can cause problems. Jacks 321, Advanced Nutrients, or General Hydroponics are all good options.

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Thanks, I used on my tomatoes and peppers too and they look great. My cannabis plants looked really good too until a few days ago.

Do you think I should do a flush before going with another amendment.

I would just switch.


What would you recommend doing for a mold issue?

Increase airflow and apply a dilute peroxide-water mix when needed.


Ok, thank you.

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Have ya checked for thrips? A magnifier on your phone can work. May not be that but it doesn’t hurt to check. That damage looks similar to what they leave.

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Maybe leaf septoria.

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Septoria has round yellow spots that mottle the leaf, he doesn’t have septoria.

Outdoors? It could be as simple as old bird poop that has decayed and caused the problem. Whether that is the case or some form of mold is the case, a peroxide spray is the best 1st step. Peroxide kills bacteria as well.

Question: why the hay or straw? Cannabis requires wet/dry cycles when growing in soil. The roots need oxygen, and they can’t extract O2 from soil that is consistently wet.

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Hey did it start off white then die that’d be sunburn also looks like pests so I agree with spray and looks like it was wind-beaten around in the cages. I wouldn’t feed that. No added soil brought in here just a shovel.


This right here. :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:
I think you hit the nail on the head Jay.
Nice lookin plant too btw.
Good cover for a stealth grow. :grin:

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My girls are looking a lot better now. I feed, gave them a shot of cal mag and a peroxide bath. I’m going to go with some type of fungal issue as the problem. I noticed something on some cucumbers I had nearby.


Lookin Good Jay!!..Thats one healthy plant,What kind?