Not so sure any more

Found myself in trouble… Outdoors I wouldn’t even have the time to train a plant for that long…and the luxury to decide how strong i want the sun isn’t in my power either… So this is all new territory.

The plant is 101 days old(15weeks). feb12. I switched to 12/12 so she is in flower (power) stretch and very thirsty.

Here is my ticket to heaven

Seed; Holy punch fem from green House seed
(cross between church and swiss sativa)

Method: Organic soil, plagron grow mix

Vessels: 9l Pots, 

PH varying between 6.3 and 5.8, Solution. 

PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable i                feed organic from canna. FFOF. 


Light system 2x400w hps, since symptoms 50% toggled 

Temps;  max 30°C min 18

Humidity; max67 min 28

Ventilation system; Yes  


Since a few days i noticed this strange discoloration on the leafs. And read somewheretthe signs of light burn… It seemed to fit sooo I raised the light and toggled it to 50%. There is

The real question here is…
If it really is light burn???
do they recover from light burn???
And how long do they take?

Thanks for the help

Could we get a couple pictures in natural light? It’s hard to diagnose what’s wrong in orange lights.

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Yeah my bad :wink:

Here you go

Wow… took longer than usual to upload that pic… :wink:


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If your ph is at 5.8 in soil I think that might be the strange discoloration on the leaves. You could lock out the nutrients if ph is out of wack, although I’m sure you may know this. Optimal ph in soil is between 6.0 and 7.0. Usually when I get heat stress the leaves taco a lot. Overall the plants are looking pretty good to me. I would just keep doing what you’re doing and just monitor the lights and how the plants react. In early flower I don’t really blast my lights but some go 100%. Near the last few weeks I’m cranking the lights usually.

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Give this a read

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I just removed the ones with discoloration, to make sure it was a temporal issue…

Your help is much appreciated… Thanks

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