Not first time but still a noob

Am really glad to have found “yall” hehe


Suggest you find one or two strains that work well for YOU and your growing skills.

Especially if you are trying go commercial…it takes a lot of effort and time to grow 4+ different strains. They different growth rates coupled with changing nute needs will beat you to death.

Good Luck :cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

Thanks for the advice but I just made a deal to build a 20,000 sf building and my “silent” partner is opening 3 dispensaries and wants to supply all 3 if possible. I am in over my head but don’t want to not do it either. I don’t suppose anyone wants a job as adviser do they lol…Any advice on lights cause I now use 1000w mh and hps but have been told that led is more cost efficient and does ILGM do wholesale seeds? I am going to be taking the labs all this next week but not ashamed to say am very nervous. Any advice would be appreciated.


There’s a pretty local grower offering to bring in 6 or 7 different strains a week to dispensaries in town and other towns and people are excited about it so don’t know about only a couple of strains but guess whatever the dispensaries need that you want to fill. As I said before wish you good luck I’m new at this and don’t know that I’d want that big operation but there’s $ in it. I like smoking what I grow it’s more fun LOL


If you pay well, I could pack up and move. Never grew anything before weed and I have to say, I feel I’m pretty good at it

I also could drive to Tulsa to work for you, growing, trimming or work in dispensary let me know

And I will drive up if you need a sample tester :wink:

@dbrn32 is the guy most of us go to for lighting! Hes tagged in now.
And we will all drive up to help! Lol

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Latewood is tagged in the other thread right?

In a commercial grow of that size, gavita pro de is usually light of choice. They are still hps lights, but a lot higher efficacy than standard hps. Gavita has layout tools to help with getting setup.

I’m not sure about wholesale seeds, you would have to contact the seed shop. Most grows like that don’t grow from seed. The will buy specific cuts and then grow them out to mother plants, then take clones from the mother plants to flower. Then they introduce seeds from time to time and select the best phenotypes to turn into new mother plants.

You’re definitely going to need help sooner than later if you’re looking to move on this now.