Not enough water

I accidentally let the water run dry on one of my hydro buckets. Plant just drank sooo much more water than usual. The roots where still damp but leaves started spotting and curling. I have obviously refilled the water and nutrients but it’s been 2 days and most leaves are still curled down. Is this plant done or do I just need to give it a few more days? It’s a Skywalker OG and it was about 10 days from entering bloom phase. I use a clay pellet medium w/ netting pot, and a straight bucket of water w/ measured nutrients added. I pump air into the water to prevent stagnation and add oxygen to the roots. I generally change out buckets 1 time every 8 days. This one went dry in 7. (I’m watching much closer now).

@Gman23 Its likely the damaged leaves will not recover if crisped good. Watch your new growth for signs of recovery. Good luck.

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