Nose blind But not mom!

I was tending to my plants which are at 7 weeks’ into flower Went to visit my mom that lives on my property and the first thing she asked me Did a skunk spray you You stink like a skunk No mom i did not get sprayed by a skunk !


Nice grow, mom could smell…great growing :bat: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:


:joy::joy: Too funny Grow Bro, twist mom one up :love_you_gesture:


@RedEyEs66 Nice… What strain(s) are you growing?

my mom thought we had a skunk problem from the time I was 15 until the day I moved out. my first job was at the same restaurant she worked at and every coworker always got a kick out of hearing her talk about them :rofl:

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My sister was the same way lol. What’s that smell? Is that a skunk? Shewww that stinks!! I would be outside laughing my ass off.

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it’s a tall task standing in the garage holding in the inhale and trying not to choke while also hearing “you need to shut the garage door it smells like they’re right outside of the door” :rofl::rofl:

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