Northern Lights - Leaf Problem?

Yeah, for day 25, that seems a bit early…might have something else going on. Some sort of deficiency? I’ll let the other grows chime in on that as I’m not great with IDing deficiencies yet.

Yes but lets wait to see what this problem is. If you prune those leaves and you still have a deficiency, it will just move on to the next set of leaves and start on those.

I usually stop LST about 2 weeks into flower. At that point the branches are pretty solid and it’s doing it’s final stretch. This is just my opinion though.

Yeah, you can usually sex around week 3 or so. So you should be right there.

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Thanks! Had not thought about leaving the leaves to see if they get worse.

This was kinda what I was looking at on LST, and so far, ILGM seems to have nice autoflower genetics… so I’m thinking I could probably get away with training up to 2 weeks into flower.

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So apparently I’ve got one that is overly thirsty for magnesium…

Can’t speak to the leaf issue as I’m not positive what’s going on there. This guide is helpful. Definitely a deficiency though. I’m guessing a Nitrogen problem. [Cannabis Leaf Symptoms Quick Guide With Pics | DrCannabis]

Aside from that, based off the photos, looks like they’re due for a trimming, no?

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Yeah, I’ve never done much any trimming before on my previous grows - but was thinking it was time to try and see how they react.

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Definitely recommend trimming or as Kyle lush man says; selective pruning. As your plant develops more and starts reaching to the point of stipules etc it’s vital that the plant gets as much light in the center as possible. Especially in flowering any fan leaves that block bud sights leave you with loose leafy buds in the end. I am on my 3rd week of flowering and this is my first time growing and while I was hesitant in the beginning to prune, I’m very happy that I did.


Pruned them a bit tonight. Hopefully I didn’t get too carried away. How often can you prune? After what I took off today I’m thinking I need to let them recover a bit first.

Any leaf that is in the dark, overlapping another leaf, touching the soil, or blocking a flower site from light. Plenty will be left over for a healthy plant after removing those. You’ll be surprised how much you can remove and two-three days later you can’t even tell it was defoliated. A week-ten days later you’ll be asking if you even defoliated at all.

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I recommend watching Kyle Kushmans video on what is known as selective pruning. It should be done in stages and I believe anything from the base of the plant to a 1/3 of the way up is considered to be trimable.

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Just a quick followup… I’m thinking the 2nd plant showing the yellowing is a potassium deficiency. It was also in a hurry to get going from the very start and I’m thinking may have reached flowering early. It’s mostly the edges and tips that are yellowing and burning. Going to mix up some flowering nutes to see if that corrects it.

I think that’s a good diagnosis and corrective action.

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Gave them one more pruning and think I like the way they are looking. Kinda wish I’d done this on my first 2 grows, as I had leaves everywhere. 3 plants pretty much filled and just about overtook my 3x3 tent.

I was being nosy here on your journal. I am growing northern lights also. I guess I am having some trouble with a lot of help here. I can’t really seem to pick out how many weeks my 1 seed is at in veggie stage. I have had trouble with stunted growth. Lots of help here getting it back. Almost lost her 2. In your opinion, what week in veggie stage is my plant in? Should I flip lights to flower or wait?

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