Northern Lights Auto questions

I ordered some northern lights autoflowering and i had a few questions
1.How big do they get
2.can you make them grow smaller bad do they smell
4.what light cycle is better 20on 4 off or 24/7 on
5.if i wanted to grow with just led’s how many watts would i need?

  1. Autoflowers don’t get very big, that is kind of the point. “Generally 12 to 23 inches tall (30 to 60 centimeters)” – Sexing Marijuana Plants & Reproduction

  2. Not really, autoflowering strains typically do not like being topped, nor other high stress training methods that can used to dwarf other normal photo period strains.

  3. They smell like weed. I have heard some people say northern lights in general smells less, I’m not sure this is entirely true though. Pretty much every strain I’ve ever tried has really had very strong periods of smell when it is growing fast, strong and healthy. It is weed after all.

  4. Personally I absolutely believe for optimal results indoors – autoflowers should be run with lights on 24 hours a day, every day.

  5. If you want to use just LED’s, the exact amount of watts depends on which way of measuring the watts and for how much area you intend to cover. Industry standard is 50 watts per sq ft, with a good LED you can get the same performance with about 30 - 35 watts per sq ft-- real watts, not the 100 x 3 watt LED system they call a 300 watt LED but is only really using 150 watts of electricity, the actual used electricity is important and that is the number you should be using, so in this instance you use the 150 watts to see that your maximum coverage area would be only about 5 sq ft. So ideally it would cover a little larger than a 2 ft x 2ft area.

I grow northern lights autos every 8 weeks. I grew the first one on a 24/0 light cycle, the second one on a 19/5 light cycle, and the third one on a 12/12 light cycle. And the one that was on 19/5 light cycle gave me the biggest yield of all. I got a little over one and a half ounce of dry bud that was pretty dam strong. And the one that was on a 24/0 I got a ounce and 5 grams of dry bud. And the one that is on 12/12 is still growing. It is on it’s 8th week of flower. It has about 4 days till harvest. And I’m looking at about 5 quarters rite now as if it was dry. So I would go with the 18/6. It’s no different than 19/5.

O’ yea I also grow with cfls. 9 cfls to a plant. All different. watts. One 6500 k. and. 8 2700 k.

Ok thanks so much