Northern Lights and Lemon grow

This is not going to be anything special but I am going to just be recording my grows on here in hopes that someone may learn something wether that be me or someone else. That being said I have a 4x4 tent, nothing superb just a cheap tent with a heater keeping my temps around 68-76 on average. I also have a fan recirculating the air as well as a carbon filter. I’m using a mixture of different soils, what I had lying around. I have a rather cheap LED for right now but I’ll be upgrading shortly. Using about 12 fabric pots and growing in a SOG type pattern. They started out in either 3 or 5 gallon fabric pots, I’m just testing to see root and plant mass, I will most likely be using 5-7 gallons fabric pots, but have considered the fabric beds as an option. After about 3 or so nodes I started Bending and securing the young plants. This is rather early but I can positively say it helped both fill the canopy with abundant tops but also keep them nice and short, my tent is only about 7 feet tall. The only nutrients I’ve added has been Chicken Soup for the Soil by Dr Jimz and it has worked wonders. I’ve had little to no nutrient deficiencies, and nothing a little heavier feed couldn’t fix. I’ve was being lazy and not recording the amount of csfts however my end result in a 5 gallon bucket was brown murky water that I could see the bottom of the bucket, but just barely. In my next grow I’ll start adding more consistency.In the beginning of this grow I was using 24/0 however after about week 4 of these autos I switched to 18/6, I learned more about soil health and made the decision to switch. The only other additive was some locally sourced Mycorrhizal fungus that I added both the the soil and as an occasional top feed before water to aid with root devolpment

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Welcome to the forum! Looks like you posted before all of your pics loaded, would love to check them out if you wouldn’t mind trying again.

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Was unsure how to edit original post however hopefully these upload, if not I’ll try to upload them tomorrow from my pc. Currently these are on their 7th week from seed germ. Hoping that finish by end of week 11!


Looking good, all around! Welcome to ILGM :v:

Welcome to the forum, like all :point_up_2: said, looking good

Alright back for an update, just opened up the tent and noticed that I have sugar leaves! I caught them right in the early stages and got some nice action shots. Over all though I’m stoked with the development despite the shitty light. I am noticing ambering hair tips across the tent so everything is maturing nicely. I’m also very pleased that I have as much light penetration as I do, I did the unforgivable act of defoliating them a little bit, it did stunt growth a tad bit but I’m thinking the extra room is worth a light defoliation. I didn’t go super heavy, just trimmed what I felt was absolutely necessary, I also made sure that if I cut one node, I cannot go after the other pair. So the end result is what you’re seeing from the Jungle view lmk what you think the result would have been without defol !


I’m out of likes, but looks good to me :+1:


In case anyone is curious I started another grow, I will be documenting this as well throughout the entire process here :slight_smile:
Candy creme and white widow photo grow

Oops photos didn’t load this is my end of week 7 shots, I’ll be posting updates once a week with photos and any notable events or changes I make to my plants.


This is actually where I’m not too sure these are supposed to be 10 week plants with the lemons being 12 these look like they’re on track with that?

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Snagged some trich shots on a cola I harvested early to train my pallet looks like we are 80/20 clear side !!