Noob needs help with seedling

Oct '20. I’m on day 9 with this Cream auto seedling. She was under 2-cfl 45w bulbs from day 4. Since day 7, she’s been under a MarsHydro-TSW2000 (ppfd 399 & 24" from her top). She stopped stretching but seems to be shocked. Only using purified water (pH 7). I tried on day 6 & 7 to get her stem to get stronger by putting circulation fan on her. But now she’s still standing strong 2", and her cotyledon & true leaves have grown a little bit, but are still smaller than her stem. Temp 65-70 degrees F/ rH 55%(off light) & 70%(on light). What should I do now. I don’t know how to post pics yet.


If on the phone. Wait till you see the check mark pop up by the Reply button. Hit that symbol in the red square. Select photo after hitting the symbol for photos.

Here in the red box is the check mark which tells you its ready to post. Hit reply.