Noob Friendly Strain

I chose White Widow (fem) for my first grow because it was said to be a “noob friendly” strain forgiving of relatively minor mistakes. While I am happy with WW (except it strong trait of dry mouth which is a big deal at my age) I wish to grow a different strain next and need a suggestion for a low height(indica dom), “noob friendly”, high THC and does not cause dry mouth so badly. Moderators? Anybody? Thanks in advance.

Sounds like diesel strains would be good for you or kush strains

Thanks Majiktoker. That sounds great. I really appreciate that rapid response,

Any time I think a sour diesel is 8-9 weeks flowering time and I’m pretty sure it’s a 60/40 sativa indica, sativa dominant but not as bad on the dry mouth

If you can find a master kush or bubba kush, both of those are great strains as well, I’m pretty sure the bubba is indica dominant 40/60 sativa indica, and master kush I believe is 50% sativa and indica but a great strain helps with anxiety for me it does any ways, and doesn’t give dry mouth at all really