No signs of bloom yet, what to do?

A quesiton of a fellow grower:
I am on second grow and 1st no yield ,2 1oz 3plants yield all ilgm seeds 3rd grow 2 O Kush 1 White Widow and tried a 18/6 light 35 days no signs bloom should I force to bloom by changing lite cycle to12/12 9 PLANTS no buds? Help

I’m not sure I understand the question. Is this strain an auto? Otherwise yes it definitely needs a different light cycle with more time in the dark to flower.


I agree with @ExpertNoob if it’s a auto normally around 5-6 week it will flower but on occasion you need to force them to flower it’s rare but does happen and that can be achieved by by switch to 12-12 light cycle

And a photo would need the 12-12 it start flowering

A little more info would help type of set up your using etc
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