No sac, no signs, but seeds

Light-Mars Hydro- TS1000
Medium- fox farm Happy Frog
Nutes- General Hydroponics grow series 1/2 of recommended dose every other week
Vivisun- 3600 cfm exhaust fan with carbon filter
P.H. 6.2-6.7
Seed bank-seedsman seeds indica dominant feminized!
Hello fans, still new to the forum but I would like some of you to riddle me this? It’s not the first time it’s happened but I have had several harvest that had a handful of seeds with no pollen sacs no bananas and no signs of hermaphrodite. Am I doing something wrong?
Has this happened to anyone else?

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Either you are carrying pollen in on your clothes or there’s boy parts somewhere. Bananas can be hidden completely inside of a bud


How long can pollen stay active? @MeEasy

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Untill it gets wet more or less u won’t have it on your clothes a year ago but it can survive


Also, you will need to completely clean your tent before your next grow and everything in it… cords, fans, everything!

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