No growth after two months

Hey, everybody! I have a question. A friend of mine is having trouble with their plants. Even with grow lights, Happy Frog potting soil, a little Miracle Grow, and a ceiling fan for air movement, the plants exhibit no growth after two months of this environment. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Might be that it needs a bigger pot? Hard to say without seeing the plant and knowing more about its setting and circumstances

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The plants are only a few months old and are in 6-inch pots. The tallest one is about 15 inches tall and the shortest is about 10. They are very dark green and look healthy. They do have the beginnings of buds, but this was also present when purchased.

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I would start with getting them into a bigger pot

Is he/she ph testing their water before watering? Any nutes besides the Miracle Grow?

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No pH testing. No nutes besides MG. These are skinny plants.

Welcome to the community ! If possible post a picture lot of Growers here to help get the plants jump started.

Sorry again. I think I found it.

Bottom right hand corner has a button that looks like a landscape pic, press that and upload, Only one pic at a time

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Sorry. I was using laptop.

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Good job ! Okay have you started feeding Bloom nutes looks like it’s in flowering stage . Also how often are you watering and how much plant looks to have a lot of droop can be from overwatering or under watering.

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Have only used MG a couple times. Yes, flowering stage, but was already there when purchased. only watered when soil is dry. These are supposed to be mothers for cloning.

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Look at purchasing a cannabis-friendly Bloom nute I would set the Miracle-Grow aside. Yes I like to water good and let the pots dry out before watering again.


I don’t know if you guys saw my edited post about the plants being intended as mothers for clones.

Hey @denise.dicken! Welcome to the forum. Just so you know most people here will say Miracle Grow is a poor choice for cannabis. I personally use and recommend Jacks 321. You can get it direct from their website.

Your plants super dark green color is typically not a good thing either, and is usually a sign of Nitrogen toxicity.

Also you have buds forming now so you are in full on flower, you won’t see much actual plant growth anymore.

The drooping is probably from over/under watering. Make sure when you water to soak the plan fully til you get around 20% runoff (water coming out of the holes in your pot. You do have holes in your pot right?) then don’t water again until the pot is light.

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Could be anything from nutrients lock out or a root problem or even it needs to go in a bigger pot there’s so many things it could be .there’s a you tube channel I follow its called 420 secne he has a video about slow growth

Edited my above post.

Also as others asked, has the pH of the feeding water been checked? A pH of 6.5 is recommended to allow for optimal nutrient uptake.

Better yet, fill this out.

  1. Indoor or outdoor - size of grow, tent, toom
  2. Origin of water
  3. Origin of seeds (seedbank, friend, bag seed)
  4. Regular, feminized, or autoflower
  5. -Age of plant
  6. Method: Soil, Soil-less, Coco, Hydro, Aquaponics.
  7. Vessels: Pots, Raised Bed, Hydro,(what type of hydro)
  8. PH and TDS/EC of feed solution.
  9. Provided lighting: Wattage, LED, HID, Fluorescents, or other?
  10. Temperature: Day and Night
  11. Humidity: Day and Night
  12. Ventilation system: Yes/ No. Size?
  13. AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: Yes or no.
  14. C02: Yes or no
  15. Hydro:

a. -DWC? RDWC? Autopots? Ebb and Flow? Other?

b. -Temperature of reservoir

Thank you for that. Would it be possible to clone it now, and also are you familiar with Fox Farm Grow Big liquid fertilizer? This is for a friend of mine with very minimal (bad) experience, so any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m sure. Also, is it too late in the season to clone for use as a mother? Can these be salvaged?

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I’ll find out. Thank you!

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