NL Auto: Cut or Wait?

Northern Light Auto Week 8+
Small 2 gallon pot
6-7 hours of direct sunlight a day
Very humid environment

So this NL Auto is on its 8th week and has another 2 - 4 weeks to finish according to the providers data sheet.
I consider cutting because of powdery mildew keep striking back and excessive smell started to keep me alarmed all the time which is exhausting.

What do you guys think?
Would the yield significantly increase if I wait another 2 weeks or would this be pretty much it?

I also could move it indoor to a windowside to avoid both mold and smell but then there will only be couple of hours of direct sunlight daily. Still good?

You’ve got a hell of a lot longer than two weeks, I just posted this pic on another thread, but this one has another 3 to 4 weeks if that gives you an idea.

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I would say you still have a ways to go they are not even close to being ready, IMO they should get fatter and more dense unless the lighting isn’t good enough. Harvesting too early can give you a racy paranoid kind of high sometimes.

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They need more than 2 hours of direct sunlight.

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Thank you, the amber pistils are confusing me they are 50%
I decided to take her inside
some 2-3 hours of day light and at night I’ll switch a fluorescent lamb on top of them. And I use a damp rid + 50w vantilator. Did some panels using a tray and aluminium foil.

Smells like canna-hell inside but at least there’s no wind to carry it around.

Curious to see the result: direct sunlight but humidity vs growing further under minimal lightning + healthy humidity levels.

Any assumptions how she will turn out? I will share the results in the end.

I think they need a lot more than 6-7 hours of sunlight.
Unfortunately we did not have a lot of sunny days this summer, but a lot of rain and clouds.
She probably is on a 60% of her potential.
I see now that indoor is a must if you live in a shitty summer country.
Safer, healthier
Stay high

nice chick btw

I assume with lack of proper light that your buds will disappoint you tremendously

You look for amber on the trichomes not amber pistols pistols will turn brown and recede into the calyx’s then start looking at the trichomes with a magnifier

Florescent light won’t be enough