Nitrogen tox or magnesium deficiency?

What strain - Girilla Zkittles

• Method: Coco and perlite

• Vessels: Pots fabric

• PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable) 5.8 in 6.2 out currently

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable - 550ppm

• Indoor

• Light system 3 x 600w Mars hydro led

• Temps; 15 g 24oC

• Humidity; 60%

• Ventilation system; Yes

• AC, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, no

• Co2; No

Not 100% what to put this down to, still new to this any ideas? End of the leaves are curling under and they re folding and drooping, and darker shade of green.

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Check your P H in your soil and let me know what you find out. Looks to be P H

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5.8ph and your getting 6.2 out definitely indicates your ph is to high for your plant. Keep going in at 5.8 to 6.0ph until your getting the same thing coming out the bottom. Any time you see a young seedling cupping down like that it’s usually a ph issue.


Thanks guys great help and advice as always, my pH meter has been playing up so I bought a new one yesterday so hopefully this explains the issue, I’m going to take a pH reading at the roots now and see if that shines anymore light on it. Is it worth investing in a soil ph meter or best just doing the media in distilled water reading?

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OK so sould ph is high, should I try to rectify this or just keep feeding them with 5.8 now I have a reliable meter?

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Consistently 6.2 coming out currently, will give it a couple days with this new meter and see if it corrects itself

Did you calibrate the meter? Do you have 7.0 Standard Reference Solution? Do you have storage solution?

Plant looks fine to me; about due for a transplant IMO. Your TDS is good so long as you really are in correct PH range.

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@Myfriendis410 yeah I calibrated the meter as per instructions using ph7 calibration fluid, it’s stored in ph7 calibration fluid too. It just doesn’t look too healthy especially when I compare it to the one that’s going really well. Leaves are curling and folding.

I just mixed my nutes and fed them at 5.8 as usual the run off ranges from 6.1 to 6.3 across the four plants. I’m feeding half a litre twice a day and getting half back in run off is this OK?

They are currently in 4l fabric pots was told to wait on 5th node before transplanting, do you think I should go earlier on on 3 nodes with the 4th just starting.

Here are today’s readings

Ph in/out ec in/out ppm in/out
Thanks for reply :+1:

I like the numbers although you could probably bump it up 100 ppm. FYI EC and PPM are measuring same thing. 1.0 EC = 500 PPM. Your EC readings should have a decimal point after the one.

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Will update here in a day or so how I get on, hopefully this ph drops

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I wouldn’t worry about your PH at all with those numbers, frankly.

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OK, so after chasing all sorts of possible problems as to why my leaves were curling and drooping, I do believe I was simply just over watering, I haven’t fertigated for 24 hours and got up this morning and they have never looked so perky, here’s hoping I found what I was doing wrong.

Thanks to anyone that helped as usual :+1:

Overdue update

Plants are doing OK still experiencing problems and hiccups along the way but learning lots so all good, now 5 weeks old, I thi k they probably should be futher on but that’s likely down to my inexperience but I’m getting there.

Had my first crack at topping seems to have gone OK.

Bit of training on this one as it seems futher along than the others although I had an accident.

Not sure what’s up with this one yet, leaves ar curled slightly upwards around the outside as well as very dark green an quite textured

Decided to grow this platinum cookies too just because I had the seed, with he little knowledge I’ve gained so far this one seems to be flying up

Any comments, criticism and advice is most welcome, especially on that one plant that looks odd