Nite n deflowering low pH and idk if I have enough light for what I'm trying to do

Hi everyone just a start off I have 48 fluorescent bulbs on a 45 about three and a half feet up the wall angle the plants on the plants one in his young and they got a lot of that fluorescent light on him because they were you know it’ll recover them I left the fluorescent in there I added a Galaxy hydro 2008 another thousand watt LED board with a LED chips and the meanwell driver my plants start flowering they kind of drooped out on me a little bit have some yellow leaves so I don’t know if I’m screwing up I do know my pH is low I have to get to the store and get some baking soda that’s going to be done in the next hour before I feed I don’t know if something to put up some pictures of the flower and you tell me if it looks all normal or do they look malnutrition or over water