Next Grow Autopot - Questions on size etc

Good to see you back


@Myfriendis410 i have a 4x4 tent should I get the 4 or 6 pot system?

I have problems fitting two photoperiod plants in 4x4 using autopots.


I use 4 autopot trays in my 4x5.

2x2, 3x3, 4x4…nkt ideal tents in my experience.
A 4x5 or a 3x4 give you a 1foot extent Ion to turn your carbon filter, humifier, cords, whatever else is needed fans etc…

The standard is 4 plants in a 4x4, it’s nicer to grow more small plants then 1 big plant in case issue and also grow time can be longer.

Although growing trees inside can be fun.


About to start up my first autopot run so I’ll be tagging along. Been a good read so far :v:

@Nicky you say there’s no need for a wave maker if it’s a 12gal rez correct? If that’s true I’ll return it and use the money to get a water alarm.

I can only imagine what would grow in a stale water environment like that. The size of the rez would have little to do with what would happen inside the water as it sat and the temp swung. Water is the building block of life on this planet. Now, if you have 3 or 4 plants hooked up to that 13 gal rez then the plants will likely consume the liquid faster then bacteria would flourish. That being said, I have 2 plants on a 13 gal rez and even with the wave maker I still get bacteria before the water is gone. Id recommend both a water alarm and a wave maker. Unless you check your plants 15 or 20 times a day, like I do. Then you prolly wont need a water alarm :slight_smile:


You have mentioned a water alarm in other posts and I’m not sure of the purpose?

Do you place the water alarm monitor in the bottom of the tent and in the event of an autopot overflow, you’d receive a notice? Is that it?

I see WiFi water monitors (Govee). I have several Govee WiFi devices.

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I’m thinking of autopots too, and was thinking of adding an air pump and airstones. The one I’m thinking of has 6 outlets, 4 of which would be used for the 4 autopots, and I was thinking of adding the other 2 into the tank with stones. Would 2 airstones bubbling away have the same effect as a wave maker?

Thanks @Docnraq and @Nicky !

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I see and completely understand your point. Guess having it could only help. I do plan on running 3 plants in coco if that make a a difference.

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No expert but it’s my understanding that an air stone will mess with your ph so wave maker is the way to go.

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A water pump or wave maker isn’t needed, its ideal but in a smaller rez even less so. However it really wouldn’t hurt and for like 30$ it’s probably a good habit to get into using one. But it’s not needed so if your on a tight budget skip it for now.

DO NOT put air stones or air into your reservoir, air = bacteria = algae = bad.

Air pumps are for air bases, in the root zone.

A water alarm is nice, I don’t have one, will save you from a flood.

I don’t use a wave maker I use a water pump. Lots like the wave makers though, however the water pump has been nice with a piece of tubing in case I flood the tent. Have used the pump before to empty the tents floor tray and empty it into a bucket.


Makes sense, thanks again @Nicky I’ll just get 4 air stones when I finally pull the trigger and buy all this stuff.


Yes. People put them near water heaters so if the water heater begins to leak then you can get a warning before the whole thing guves way and floods your basement or whatever.

You could go a much smaller airpump. Autopot recommends 15gph air for each airdome (in each pot) I have given much more like 70gph but I imagine their is a point of diminished return.
@Nicky is right about not putting airstones inside the rez, I personally would listen to @Nicky advice on autopots well over mine. He is much more versed and experienced with the autopot system. Spud I think you would very much enjoy using an autopot system. I sure do!

@Nicky do you have an instagram? Sure would like to follow you there.


I don’t no sorry.

I’ll post a journal this fall…


Ok so I’m going to use coco and perlite 70:30 in rain science bags. Owen at autopot told me to get the air dome and air base. Am I going to need an air pump as well? I’m so confused

Interesting, I got different advise when I called the Autopot service number.

The customer rep I talked to recommended the fabric bags with NO disk or air. He recommended 1” of #3 perlite and an autopot sock on the outside.

He recommended a 50/50 mix of coco and perlite.

I’m sure both ways work. I prefer no pumps if I can keep from it.

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It’s my understanding that the airbase replaces the 1” of perlite.


Air base replaces 1 inch of clay balls, Not Perlite.

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The customer service rep I spoke with did not recommend the clay balls or air dome. His recommendation was 1” of #3 perlite in the bottom and a 50/50 mix of coco and perlite as the medium.

He wasn’t keen on air domes or clay.

Just passing along what he said about 4 weeks ago.

I’m using the 1” perlite and my plant is doing fine so far (I think).