Newish Grower and seedlings looking bad!

I am growing these in Sun warrior FF seedling Mix. they are about 3-4 weeks now… Been only giving them PH water at around 6.1-6.5
they are 36 inches away from HLG 550 r spec and an Alibaba QB
Temps WERE around 71ish give or take a degree SO i added the alibaba board to raise temps to around 79 as of todday.
two days ago i gave each pot 1 tsp of Gaia green all purpose cuz the lower leaves were turning yellow.
Today i flushed each pot with 6.1 PH water.
I dont know what to do! I have a Big 8 inch exhaust t8 and a 4 inch t4 intake.
i have a 16 in osc fan blowing around and a few small 6 in fans blowing around the drivers.

Does anyone have any ideas as to whats going on? was it due to the low temps? Is this due to the gaia? i only fed cuz the plants were starting to look hungry with the lower leaves turning yellow. now the whole plants are dropping and just dont look great… is this over watering? other issues?? please help… i just scrapped my last grow during flower throwing out some amazing looking purple crystal weed due to PM… so this is killing me…



Up pot, root bound

Also that looks like A LOT of perlite… settle back from that and allow your soil to soak up some water


i have not added any perlite to the sunshine mix FF makes it just floats up to the top when i water

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And really uppot already? they are only on there like second or third set of leaves? and only 4 inches tall or so some may be alittle talelr i will repot if they are ready once the soil dries but that just seems so early with these small plants but i will give it a shot in a day or so when the soil dries abit from the flush

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Where are you getting your water from?

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Im using tap water. I have never had an issue in the past under HPS using tap. Or my last grow with the girls had some issues but that was my first grow in coco and the bud came out amazing until i got PM from taking clones from a friend… But yea my tap here in subs of boston

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If leaves can reach side put it in a forever home!

7gal + planters preferably