Newbie starting up

Ok my first seed popped up Friday. Should I water it or just must the soil around it? Also I put my rescues outside and they seem to be recovering but they have some spots and brown edges. The new froth of leaves looks good and I’m wondering if I should just cut the leaves of the bad ones off and see what happens. I did that to some in the beginning. Ive had these about 2 weeks now. Also I see talk about runoff and it’s PH and EC(which I have no clue what that is). When the veg stage starts in about 2 weeks or now for the outsiders how much should I water and how much runoff should there be? I have a PH meter and a TDS and EC meter but have no clue what to do with the latter. All the plants are in IPOWER fabric pots and the seedling is in my tent with the temp at 82 and the humidity at 79%. Am I doing ok or are there other things I need to do? Any and all help is appreciated on what I need to test for.

Pics of seedling and outdoor plant

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Thanks for that info….
Any ideas about the plants?

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I use Mosquito Bits as a dressing on top of the soil. Also, you might want to hang a few sticky traps to catch some. Should help clear things up.

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I used the latter (sticky traps) and it cleaned up well no more issues with them.
I have a few questions I hope you can help me with.
When measuring TDS do you do that after mixing the feeding solution or when?
Is there a specific way to test the PH of the soil?
How do you measure runoff? Do I just pour it into a measuring cup and then pour it back in or toss it?
Also am I posting the right way?

Just measure it the runoff, feed around 1000 ppm. Done after mixing and PH-ing water/nutrients. Then water until runoff.

There are meters available that do this, I have never used them. I just adjust the PH in the water going in. Even when I was growing in soil, I just tested the runoff.

Just water until you get runoff, collect it in a maesuring cup or whatever. Get your TDS/PPM and PH, then toss it.

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1 week old today
What do you think? Looking ok?

Also I’m having a heck of a time keeping the temp in tent below 86 degrees….I have a pole fan in the tent but I’m thinking I might need a duct fan. Would a small 90cfm duct fan do the trick or should I go larger?

I use a 6” exhaust fan in all my tents, works well

okay just ordered a 6" fan.

I just found some thrips on my plant…whats the best thing to use for them…I’ve read people talking about Captain Jacks dead bug spray. Is that a good solution?

How is this girl looking? She’s 10 days old. When should I start watering her?? I spray a little wrong the plant but really haven’t given it a regular watering and I’m worried because my soil is so dry right now.
Let me give you my set up as it is now:

Ipower 24x24x55 tent
Mars Hydro 600 TS light
Ipower 3gallon fabric grow pot
Using Humboldts Secret for nutrients
PH meter
TDS meter
Soil tester and light intensity meter
Soil thermometer
PH up and down
Strain: Northern Lights
6 inch duct fan coming Thursday
Auto timer set for 18/6 on light
6inch pole fan in tent
New humidifier coming Thursday as last one wouldn’t regulate the humidity
RH running at around 35-40% right now

Is there anything else I need at the moment? Will get charcoal filter for duct fan when into flowering stage if I make it there.
I’m just stressing because this is my first grow…think I’ll be bald by next week with all the hair pulling :joy:.

Please let me know what you think of my girl and if she is doing ok



Looks good to me. What i would suggest is watering a cup full around the base of the plant in a ring, about the width of the leaves. That way your roots go searching for moisture. Bigger roots equal bigger fruits :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the info will water her right away

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I would highly advise to get a better light before flower. Reason being you need at least 200 watts to flower successfully. The TS600 is a 100w light, trust me I have one in the closet that is only for clones or seedlings. Take a look at HLG lights or spider farmer. Lots of good lights for a decent price, but look for samsung diodes. Sounds like you have everything else covered.

I have kept the rescued plants and I thought I had them doing pretty good but this morning I noticed the leaves curling and getting brown spots on them and curling inwards some. Here are a few pics of the leaves. If anyone knows what’s happening please let me know. Thanks

Looks to me like the leaves might have gotten damp because of the humidifier. If the leaves get wet when the lights are on, it will burn them. What is your humidity at with and without the humidifier?

RH was running about 30-35% without and about 42-47% so far with. That makes sense about the leaves getting wet as i sprayed them with some insecticide (Pyrethrins) as I found some Thrips on the leaves. I just raised the light up some as I had it at 12 inches and now it’s at 19. I just received some Jacks Dead Bug to use if i need to. I mixed the Pyrethrins with some water and sprayed the leaves with it to stop the Thrips. Mostly did the underside but did get some on the top of the leaves.

2weeks old today….is she looking about right??