Newbie starting up

Hi all,
I am just getting started with my first grow as I just rescued a couple of neighbors plants and trying to resurrect them from the dead lol.
So I will be doing an indoor grow using a 300w Alaghi full spectrum LED light with a 24x24x55
Ipower tent. I have autoflower seeds for White Widow and Northern Lights and Do-Si-Do. I have Humboldt basic A and B nuuts to start with. Not sure what the 2 plants are that I rescued as the neighbor just threw some seeds he found in some product he bought in the dirt and they germinated. There was a total of 6 but the other 4 fried away to dust before I rescued the other plants. I got some organic soil and now just wondering if I need anything else at the moment to get started. Will get some pics of the rescued ones on here tomorrow. Do I have some good starting materials? Any help greatly appreciated.


welcome to the community.
so you have a tent, decent watt light, nutes.
to start, id say ur gettin there lol.
maybe a fan, some kind of ventilation to keep airflow good
depending on how invested your willing to get, if ur trying to use a 24"x24" tent, thats usually enough space for 1 plant, 2 may be a bit crowded.
if you could maybe add some pictures that could help us assist u better


Welcome to the forum.

Alaghi is one of those light makers that lie about their light’s capability. These light makers also manipulate their Amazon reviews. The actual wattage of this light is probably more like 50 or 60 watts, which is inadequate to flower a cannabis plant. I would send this light back if you can. You can flower 1 plant in a 24x24 tent. I would shoot for 200w of quality lighting with a light built with Samsung LM301 diodes. HLG, Spider Farmer, or Mars Hydro are good options.

I would also get pH and PPM meters. Bluelab and Apera both make good meters.


Ordered a Mars Hydro TS600 today
Should I get separate meters or do the multifunction meters work just as well?

The reduced plants


Thanks for the welcome….
I put a few pics up of the rescued plants.
Will send some pics of the setup I have as soon as I have it finished hopefully this weekend.

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I will add that once you get that new light, graually increase the light intensity so you don’t fry them. It’s a huge jump from the light you had and what you ordered. They already stretched from that Alaghi. I’d also recommend adding some silica to the feeding, helps strengthen the plant during growth. I got the Raw powder silica and it works well. Always add silica first to the water and mix well, let it sit for 5-10 mins to fully disolve, then add your other nutirents. PH the water using a PH pen, like @MidwestGuy stated, it’s a must. Get some PH UP and PH down from general hydroponics to adjust the water PH. I’m not familiar with the nutrient line you use, but I assume there’s a flush mixed in there somewhere.

Thank you for the guidance….Clarification: setup won’t be completed until weekend. The pics of plants are outside in pots yet. Tent arrives today and I ordered a PH meter and a TDS / PPM meter and soil PH meter. New light expected on Friday. Just ordered the PH up and Down.
Now the real question is……should I start from scratch with the auto flowering seeds that I have or should I try to see what becomes of the 2 rescued plants? All I know about these are that the neighbor threw some seeds into a planter and they germinated and started growing. There were about 8 all together but the others fried and dried up and that’s when I took the other 2 to see if I could nurse them back to health. How are they looking?

If it were me, I’d trash the rescues and start with a purchased seed. Reason being, you won’t know if it’s male until later. Then you’ve wasted X amount of time and resources. With purchased feminized seeds, you know what you have.

I was kinda thinking the same thing. I think that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for confirming my thoughts. Will start a grow journal with the new seeds next week

As a newbie to this what strain do you think I should start with? I have White Widow, Northern Lights, Purple Punch and Do Si Do. I’ve read that Northern Lights is pretty disease resistant and hardy so I was thinking about it or the Purple Punch. Any thoughts?

What distance should the light be from the plants during germination and veg and flower stages? Thanks in advance

I’d for sure go northern lights. It’s a very forgiving plant. Not sure on the others, give it a go and see.

As far as light height:

I grew white widow first time out, and it went well. It was an auto, but I don’t think it was any easier than a photo as I’ve done exclusively photos since.

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Is it about the same for autos as it is photos? Or is it that photos just take a bit longer?

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Yes photos take a bit longer but they sre not as finicky about every little thing. Auto went fine for me but I’ve heard horror stories about them being too unforgiving about stuff

I just noticed a bunch of little gnats all around the soil and was wondering if anybody knew what these are and if they are from the soil should I pitch it and get new soil?

Here is a pic of my setup with one of the rescued plants in it. The new plant will start this week. The temp in the tent is 85 and the humidity is at 44%. Does this look ok? Trying to make sure i get things off to a good start.

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