Newbie Needs Help - Please recommend a fix for a sick Northern Light

Hi All,

First time growing - Need some advice - 4 Weeks Since Seed Popped


  • What is the issue with this Northern Light
    ** What are your recommendations to fix the problem?


  • 2x4 Tent
  • Duct Fan with Thermostat/Filter
  • 2 Small Fans Running
  • 2 Spider Farmer 1000’s

AGE: 4 Weeks Days since popped.


  • LIGHTS: 18 inches above plants, set to 70% Dimmed
  • WATERING SCHEDULE: Sun/Thurs - Nutes, Tues/Sat Water (to run off)
  • WATER PH: 5.75-6.0
  • SOIL: Fox Farms Bush Doctor Coco Noir
  • NUTES: Fox Farms Soil Trio - at 1/2 Strength
  • TEMP: Steady 73
  • HUMIDITY: Steady 60

PLANTS & SYMPTOMS: (All Auto Fem Seeds)

  1. Northern Lights - Auto - Feminized
  • Overall: Early stages of sickness
  • Stems: Green/Healthy
  • Leaves: First set look horrible - Browned/Crunchy
  • Problems with New Leaves: The dark green healthy leaves are starting to get lime green around the veins. Dark green is now blotchy spots slowly moving to brown. Leaf tips are slightly curled up. It appears the symptoms are slowly moving up the plant to the new growth…
  • Timeline: I started to notice very small changes to light green color 3-5 days ago. It looks like it is getting worse day by day. ** Over the past 24 hours, newer leaves have canoed and the plant is losing it’s dark green pgiment.


What is wrong with my Northern Light?

Please help:

  • Diagnose the issue.
  • Provide your thoughts on getting it back to dark green and healthy.

NOTE: I am growing 4 other plants on the same water/PH/light schedule and that are all healthy.

I appreciate any help or advice you can give!

Sincerely - Newbie grower.

Bring up ph to 6.3 your locking out needed nutrients

Dunno where the weird line came from? It crossed out crucial info at bottom saying stay between 6.2-7.3


I see lines and what looks like a drip ring. How are you watering?

Have you tested the runoff TDS and PH? Very important when growing in soilless.

PH is fine for the medium being used but likely plant is hungry.


I am watering on this schedule:

  • Sunday/Thursday - 5.75-6.0 PH water with 1/2 strength Fox Farms Trio Nutes
  • Tuesday/Saturday - 5.75-6.0 PH water
    Watering to run-off each time.

Run-off is 6.1 PH and 2123 PPM
(Water before adding Nutes is around 150PPM)

Just realized, I’m not draining my run off after each feed, so that is a collective run-off of 4-5 feedings. I will drain and test when I feed tomorrow.

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Even with Coco Noir, you’d recommend 6.3?

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Crap I seen fox farms and misread it for soil instead of coco,

I keep coco around 5.7-6

Double check with product label for ideal level for their product

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If your top feeding coco I’ve been told you need to always feed to runoff so you don’t cause salt buildup/bind in the medium.


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Spots on leaves, curling of and decay all seem like signs of ph imbalance but could of just as well of caused nutrient lock.

Solution, clone and run more plants to start and finish with what you can maintain under proper lighting

Weird coloring you see in new growth is very common with rapid growing.

And a chart for plant disease and deficiencies is in your near future

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I will stay around 5.75 PH. It’s Fox Farm Bush Doctor Coco Noir.

I do water until run-off, so I don’t think that’s the issue (I can run a little more run-off to see what happens.)

Do you have any thoughts on the deficiency? Anything I can add to the next feeding to get her to bounce back?

I agree with a ph problem.

The ph in the medium is prob not stable and as stated above a possible salt build up.

Any recommendations on a fix?

Cal mag deficiency, it’s always the first to go

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Are you feeding cal/mag?

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The problem is not feeding with every watering, not watering at least once a day, and not feeding at full strength. Cal-mag should be added with every feeding to keep the coco from binding with essential nutrients.

Coco is NOT soil and needs to be treated differently.

If you want to learn about growing in coco you should spend a few hours learning about it by visiting


It could simply be the way you are watering it. Best to answer all questions asked.

How are you feeding and watering it ? Was asked above by @Myfriendis410 also asked what tds and ph.

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If you have coco loco it’s to be treated like soil it’s confusing. That’s the way coco loco works though.
@PharmerBob has good advice and the 20% runoff still stands when feeding nutrients but the PH should be 6.2-6.8 in fox farms coco loco.

The only true way to find the PH in a soil medium is to do a slurry sample. So get some distilled water and learn to do that.

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I’ve learned the hard way with coco ya gotta add cal mag. And do not let the pots 're absorb the runoff. Always feed til runoff and dont have to worry about stats of what comes out just keep putting in at correct levels.

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Good advice.

I picked up Cal Mag yesterday and gave em all their first feed with cal mag.

The sick plant is starting to perk up already. I will continue cal mag in the feedings from now on.

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