Newbie Here. I need some help.Curing Buds

Once my germination occurs what is the best way of planting …solo cup on window shelf?

Solo cup in my grow tent.

So far i have issues wi t h my white tap root turning brown in certain area and shriveled up.


Any help appreciated.

Curing buds. How long and how to.
If I use Grove Bags how do they work.? Can i leave buds indefinitely?

this one covers both ends of the spectrum.
Grove bags once at moisture content they can be heat sealed for long term storage.

Sounds like you are drowning the sprout. I suggest spending some time with the grow bible, or any good source like grow week easy, dutch-passion has good articles.

Window sill is hard. Plants usually stretch to the light and are weak.


Plus the glass blocks the UV rays the plant needs.


I put seeds in a cup of water for 24 hours, with a bowl or another cup covering for darkness. Stirring and submerging occasionally. Good seeds should sink to bottom. Then to a paper towel on a plate, folded to cover and blanket the seeds. Keep paper towel moist but not drowned. Pour any excess water off. Keep paper towel covered for darkness. Check every 12 hours to see if they have opened and root has emerged. You can go to soil or whatever medium once the root shows. Plant root down,eye up, just below surface.24 hours of light until first real leaf(1point leaves). You can then transplant to cup or small container and set lighting schedule.
Dry out by hanging plant upside down until small stems snap. Curing works best in mason jars. Opening once every other day for fresh air and moving buds around or take out of jar for an hour every few days until desired dryness.

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For weaker lights, keep closer to top of plant. But not so close that it causes heat stress. CFL bulbs, florescent, about 8 inches. LED shop lights, about 12 to 18 inches.

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Seems like you’ve received some great info :point_up_2:t3:

I’ve heard that before but it didn’t work for me. Old farmers always said it didn’t really matter, the root grows down anyway. I point it down and almost always sprouts. Honestly, I think that’s what confuses people. They hear different info from different people and it didn’t work for them. Most people starting out here are young and seen me grow it their whole life. So they naturally come to me for help. Or to grow it for them. And have always heard this or read that and it said something different. And don’t understand that I won’t do it for them because of the legal risk I always contend with. I honestly think that’s the market everyone is looking for. Someone or some company that can make it work… for them! Without having to spend a fortune to do so. Just seems cutthroat not to.

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I grew 8 white widow autos for my brother in law,late this past season. Never messed with autos before. Also had my 8 that come from bag seeds. He said they were supposed to put out 5 to 15 ounces. Sounded too good to be true. And I’ll admit, I fell for it. Germinated great, started great, vegged great. Beautiful plants. Second week of flowering, they stalled, never to recover. Sun seemed to overstress them, so couldn’t go in full sun. So moved them inside,$150 worth of LED lights. Then they held water forever. pH of 6.5, same nutrients I use for my own. They averaged about a half ounce per plant. Now my brother in law was expecting 5 ounces minimum per plant. There wasn’t 5 ounces altogether. And he’d tried growing one as well. Deal was we’d split what they put out. In October,he said his looked like it wasn’t going to put out much of anything. Then harvest time rolls around. Let’s just say he got 5 ounces, thinking I got the other 5. Meaning he thinks they put out a little more than an ounce per plant. What he doesn’t know is, that 5 ounces came from my plants. I use the little bit his widows put out to smoke with him when he comes around, so he doesn’t realize it. Even brags about his being better. Good deed, right? Not exactly. He’s purchased 4 different photoperiods, that supposedly put out a pound to a pound and a half. With the same idea in mind. At some point, I’m going to have to tell him. Because I can’t cover all that! And I been doing it 30 years. Outrageous expectations are great. But only if they sell outrageous results as well! And blaming the grower seems to be the new trend. I’d be happy just to see somebody make it work for everybody, not just the highest bidder. That’s my opinion after 30 years of growing it, though.

Yeah we ran into about the same situation with my nephew. We wont grow for him again.

I’m not bashing any one company, but the marijuana seed market seems way too reminiscent of DeLorean motor company. Sounds great on paper, looks great in pictures… but no one actually made it work the way the guy selling it, said it would! Blaming the customer is a new approach, though. Why didn’t John DeLorean think of that :rofl:.
I would have focused more on it working for everybody, first time. That way you’d corner the market. For example, 3 auto seeds plus a sample of everything needed to get the desired results, for one plant. Minus lights and dirt. Meaning if it works, they’re coming back for more supplies and seeds. Guaranteed! How did everyone overlook that? I’d even make it a deal for first time customers. Rope them in, so to speak. Making every customer a return customer. And possibly acquiring the competitions customers, being the only company that makes it work.

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It’s something that plagues this hobby and many other hobbies, far and I mean far too many people proclaiming there is a single right way and every other way is wrong, it’s a fallacy, as you can’t control every variable when it comes to living organisms… There are some black and whites that have to be provided for a good grow like water, nutrients and light but beyond that almost every aspect is not so black and white, even the amount of water, light and nutrients isn’t black and white and will vary… We see this all the time, living organism do their own thing, plant 4 clones and you don’t get 4 identical plants even if you do everything as close to the same as you can…

This hobby like every other hobby requires trial and error, read what works for some, try it, if it works for you great, if not try something different until you find what works for you…

I’m a beekeeper, and the beekeeping hobby is just as bad, too many absolutists that insist you must do it this way, and even though they may have merits that support their way is a good way, proclaiming it must be done their way to succeed is a fallacy…

But I heard there were no good plants without worm castings…jk ofc. Referencing a lol funny incident from a week or two ago. I always encourage people to try things for themselves. Once you try different stuff you get your own method down. There are as many methods as there are growers. Only the Sith speak in absolutes.


But grass is a living organism. And landscapers, lawn care companies, have no problem making it work… for everybody! Yet excuses are to be made for this industry? Sure, I can tell you how great and green your yard could look. But it’s a much easier sell if you see for yourself. And if I blame you because my seed, fertilizer, and lime didn’t work… I’d be out of business! This market is equivalent to me delivering the grass seed,at a marked up price. Telling you how great the outcome should be. Showing you pictures of other people’s yards. Offering to sell you some marked up fertilizer and lime, separately of course. Even offering to sell you instructions for a nominal fee. Then blaming you because nothing I said or sold you, worked the way I said it would! Leaving you to question why I even said it would. And still you have no grass!! And guess who your option for trying again is?
There’s no excuse for excuses

I always wondered how you’d get a cast on a worm! It’s not like they have any bones!
I asked Eve, she said to ask Adam, he’s the worm guru! :rofl: :rofl:


After germination, try using jiffy pellets and seedling light. Pellets expand in water and come with their own greenhouse for starting. Seedling light is sold by ferry Morse (jiffy) and works great for starting seedlings. They also sell a heat pad,as well. But I’ve never used it. Pellets make transplanting a breeze.
If you are on a tight budget, take a 2 liter drink bottle, remove lid and clean thoroughly. Then cut in half. May take some measuring, trial and error. You want to turn top half upside down and place into bottom half. Bottle opening needs to be quarter inch from bottom of bottom half. Put a rock in to keep dirt from washing through bottle opening. Fill with dirt and seedling. On the bottom half, put 3 or 4 holes even with where dirt starts inside the top half. Use a tray underneath to collect overflow. This way it can be watered easily and aerated through the bottom. A drink crate makes a great holder for them and holds up to 8. As roots develop, you can actually see them. But need to cover that part with something so roots don’t see light. This way you can check roots easier and know better when to transplant. This will hold the plant for a while and develop a strong,sizable, and well shaped root ball. You can go straight from this container to wherever you plan on it finishing. It also helps anchor the plant, when transplanted. I could pick plants up,done like that,by the stalk and pick up the bucket or container. Also makes for a good laugh if law start pulling them up…or trying anyway :wink::joy:

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