Newb Prep Questions

Im working out my budget and time scale for a complete grow (seed-harvest). Thought i had it figured out but now im not so sure…

  1. if i run a single 600w hps lamp, do I calculate only the 600w with my cost/kwh or do i add my ballast power also (600w magnetic)?

  2. it says 9 weeks flower time for my exodus kush seeds, am i correct in thinking that is ONLY the flower cycle? So i have to add ~8weeks for veg?

  3. if i grow 2 plants and combine Topping, LST and SCROG methods, can i utilise my 3x3 tent and hope for anywhere near half the given yield of 450-550g/m2? Or can someone offer better advice tips?

Thanks for any help guys

Add the ballast. I have two 400s with a common ballast, total draw is 1000.

Yes, the 9 weeks is just for the flower time. Also, this inst necessarily from when you flip to a 12/12 schedule. It’s when the plant shows legit signs of flowering. This can take 1-3 weeks. Some folks try to jump start it by putting the plant in 24 hours of darkness before going 12/12. I thought it was from the flip, and just adjusted my grow schedule out two weeks because the trichomes aren’t super cloudy and amber. 8 weeks is a decent veg cycle. Yuo could go lower to 6 if you wanted.

I have six plants in ten gallon pots, topped, trained, and in SCROG in a 3x4 space. It’s tight but it working so far. You have to keep a close eye out for powdery mildew and bud rot if the SCROG gets to densely foliated. I think 2 in a 3x3 will be fine.


Thanks fella

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6pd answered your other questions already, so…

yes, a 600w HID can produce the 550 g/m2.!! (460g in a 3x3)
will u do this on your 1st grow.??? probably not.
350 grams might take a few grows to get, 460 might take a few years to get.!

sry man, i can’t read…
half of 460 grams on your first grow…
this would depend on your luck.!!
some new growers get more then half the target, some flop and kill their plants before harvest…
u have the chance to get 0-460 grams,
more research and more effort put forth results in more at harvest.!

a bunch of pics of your set up might help us judge your ‘luck’…???


I don’t disagree you can do well in a 3x3 with a 600. Just wanted to point out that you’re only 83.5% of a square meter. So you should probably correct yield projection to your space. Which would be about 375-450 grams or so. I agree its unlikely you’ll hit those numbers your first grow. But even if you did, it wouldn’t be a very efficient grow. A lot of light in a small space is all.

Your ballast will have some power losses, and will be charged for those in addition to whatever the bulb itself uses.


All the kit is dismantled and hidden awat at the old mans house at the moment as i need to save some money before committing to the grow. I’m off work Friday so may be able to dig it all out and take some snaps.

I have grown 4 cheese plants from cuttings once before (7+ years ago). I managed to yield approximately 40-50g per plant. But i think i rushed the harvest :see_no_evil:. Basically had a few g’s for personal use after covering the bills…

Hopefully i can try to learn from you lovely ladies and gentlemen over the next month or 2 before i pop my seeds. Question is can my tiny brain handle all the info :slightly_smiling_face:

@dbrn32 i already have the ballast and tent etc…i have an old dual spectrum bulb, but i was thinking im better off getting new…do you think i should use a 400w bulb instead? Would that be ok on my 600w ballast?

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Not on any ballast I’m aware of, 600 watt ballast needs 600 watt bulb. If the bulb has only been used 1 grow its probably fine, but it is normal to replace them regularly. It seems like most people that know better don’t push them out much further than a few harvests. The constant heating and cooling cycle of the bulbs lower their output relatively quickly.

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Thought you may say that…

Should i go for 3 or 4 plants instead to utilise the light better?

I have 4 Exodus kush, 1 OG kush seeds but wanted to ease the work load on my first propper run

Depends on how you plan to grow them. 600 is plenty big for the space to be full, regardless of how many plants.

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u have to factor in not buying bud.!

there r many reasons to grow your own, but saving money is on the bottom of the list.
after a few grows u probably will start saving money.!
save up and then start growing, don’t let the bills effect your grow.!!

i ran a dehumidifier for 2 months before planting any seed,
after 9 months i have $2,000+ in my current grow, but this will equal out over time.!


I found out from a mate tonight that Califonia Bud is top of the market these days, especially in the UK :see_no_evil:

That means shite profit and pure bills for my medicne :sob:

Can anyone please tell me how i can try to compete with cali bud lol :tired_face:

the ‘Cali’ bud u see in UK is the rejected product of California ‘commercial’ growers and the bud from home grown projects,
a dialed in grow can produce as good or better quality smoke as the ‘Cali’ bud,
this is NOT from Cali, mwah hah hah hah…

this sounds like a statement made by pill heads in the US,
if it is medicine then there would be no illegal sales for ‘profit’, only the cost of happy living,
idk where u live, but here ALL medicines have a price, even life saving pharmaceuticals.!
spend a year buying your ‘medicine’, then spend a year growing it, record the moneys spent,
this will give u a ‘cost of medicine’ comparison.!!


Im from the UK, its illegal here.

Im not a pill head though, just to clarify lol. Im looking to use some for medicine while also having something left over to treat my self and the wife…A full time working man wanting to earn some extra cash at home, thats not a bad thing i hope? Especially with Brexit causing all sorts of financial uncertainty…

I have NHS for certain pharmaceuticals so benefit from most opioids etc being free, i know how expensive it can be and totally agree with you fella. We can’t legally buy canna here. Even though it has recently been legalised for prescription, its for extreme medical circumstances and people with depression have no chance at the moment…


Your statements all off “Im looking to use some for medicine while also having something left over to treat my self and the wife…A full time working man wanting to earn some extra cash at home” yet your worried about the profitability of your grow…

At this point we get it you want to sell dope on the side and have others pay for it while you can smoke free, sounds good your choice your an adult but come in here and be honest not shady and re wording things to make it seem something its not.

That being said efficiency is essential in anything one does, but what everyone here is trying to say is that it will increase as you do research and get some experience.
Since you want efficiency because your trying to profit you should decide what the constant is for you and what the change will be.
Is the space the constant? Can you adjust the space for your lighting or do you want to adjust your lighting to your space.
Sell one and fit it to the other in order to get efficient space to light ratio, then all the other variables that have to do with experience and plant growth will increase over time.


Sorry, I didn’t want to sound like a punk street dealer but guess i did that anyway. Feel like a douche now :see_no_evil:

To anwser your questions, the space is a 3x3 tent, ill be looking to maximise the light efficiency for the space.

Thanks, i will keep reading and learning, hope i havent made too bad of an impression. I tend to worry a lot.


I would say pull the light and ballast, sell it out the money towards DIY LED’s for your 3x3.
Sounds like the most long term economic idea.

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@DBRMX We are glad to have you around! No doubt about it.

Can’t wait for you to get set up and watch your grow. Then when you pull down those HUGE colas, we’ll celebrate with ya, wishing we was a smoking it with ya!

BAM… . let’s smoke some more "Northern Lights!