New ventilation ducting. Am I done?

Ran ducting into the attic today. Seems to be working much better for the heat issue I was having. It was hot as hell in an open room even with 45 F outdoors and no heat in the house. :face_with_monocle:

Anything else I’m missing for this 4’x4’ four plant setup??? I’m assuming 4’x4’ max is what I can do with my 600/750/1000 watt MH/HPS. Maybe it could be more?

Six inch inline fan turns on at 78 F running air from the floor, through the light from the socket end of the bulb towards the bulb side, and then upwards into the attic. Four inch ducting on the right is temporary.

I may add a space heater that kicks on at 65 F for really cold nights.

Is there any reason for a second inline fan or is that overkill? There’s already a ceiling fan. :person_shrugging:

Light is only 12" from the top of the plants, hmm I keep reading to space it two feet above. Why are my plants not burning? Maybe bc they’re vegetative?

Thanks in advance. :alien::alien::alien:


Most would exhaust air from top of room, but in terms of cooling bulb it shouldn’t make much difference. I think I commented in a different topic to put your fan in manual so it runs all the time. Then just tweak fan speed to desired environmental conditions.


That’s would work the best.

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