New to this forum stuff and indoor growing

I need some help. Any advise I will take it. I already watered 2 of the girls to much and they’re hating life right now.

Well welcome then, I can give you advice but kinda need some info on what exactly your set up is and what you got happening.

So far most beginners over water just let them dry out for a while.

So I have a 4x8. Girls just starting to hit veg. I have three 600w led full spectrum and two 300w. Just wondering what I should do with the space. To get more bang for my buck

What container you got them in??

What brands are those lights.

8 are still in red cups. 7 in some cheap ass pots. The 8 are clones I just got yesterday. So I was letting them getting used to the tent and environment before I got with them. So I have nine 5 gallon smart pots and I have twenty 2 gallon gropro.

The viparspectra

Ok the 600 watts are actually 260 not sure about the 300. But you do have alot of them so you may be alright.

Well me runnin…

Always look at the specs they will list actual wattage in the specs. Happens to us all at the start.

See actual draw.

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