New to growing questions about light and Temp

Hey guys, any info will help! I have 4x2 grow tent, planning on 3 pots of 3 gallon and have auto white widow from ILGM. Is it best to keep lights 24/0 if possible? What temperature do i want and at what stage? How long each stage should take? Thank you guys

And also about watering please, how much and how often?

You’ll get varying opinions on this. If you want the biggest buds possible the fastest, then yes, 24/0 is ideal (more light = more plant growth). There’s a glass ceiling somewhere in how much light the plant can make use of but I’m betting that your light probably isn’t going to hit that threshold without doing a 20/4 or 24/0 - honestly that’s just a wild guess but most of us on the forum start out with a fairly small potatoes light, between 50 and 150 watts of true output power.

There’s a series of charts floating around, none of which I have real handy so I’m just gonna fumble for a second here.

That last one may be too small to help, but VPD is the thing you want to be mindful of when it comes to temps and relative humidity- aka your ideal grow environment. If you can’t read that chart because it’s wee, Google VPD charts - they’ll all be fairly within the same ballpark as one another.


Water just enough to saturate the medium, and don’t water again til the medium is dry. I do this by lifting my containers. A cup of dry soil feels significantly lighter than a cup of fully saturated soil. “How much” won’t be a specific number and may vary from plant to plant, same with “how often.” Water til wet (and a little bit comes out the bottom), and only water again once dry.

On average in veg, I can go between 2 and 7 days between watering my plants. In flower, I usually go between 1 and 3 days (they get more demanding on resources the bigger they get).


Thanks a lot!

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I have a couple of apps that i kind of try and get a base reference the last one I found is tentbuddy helps me get a little better understanding on the settings.

VPD Chart, here is another I try not to shoot from the hip but sometimes thats what works.

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