New to growing looking for any advice

I’m new to growing was looking for some helpful tips to get started. Growing killer queen seeds trying to keep it as natural as possible I will be growing outside. I’ve grown vegetables for years now so I figured it couldn’t be that hard any advice would be greatly appreciated so far I’ve germinated my seeds and put them in some soil I also bought the trio from FF

Can I get a general location? Dont have to be specific. Region of what country helps.

Outdoors is a beast ive yet to tackle head on. But the biggest hurdles ive hit dabbling…

Heat… gotta make sure they can take the weather, watering takes figuring out, n some kind of shade may help more then hurt if u just startd seedlings midsummer

Bugs!! Bugs are pure evil. May want to get into a preventative mindset before u get too far started.

Legality… not legal here. And heli’s always flying. So be safe.

Welcome to the forum and lets get to growing some fire dope

I’m in pa I have a tree house I was planning to grow in with 5 gallon bags. I’ve grown vegetables in there so I thought it would be perfect for this

Nice. Should have time to get a good month veg in or two before they flip. Go ahead and get them started. Im not sure we have anymore PA growers… check the search though. They’d have more insight