New to dispensaries, can anyone review these strains?

Looks like I’m going to have to visit a dispensary, my girls are only two weeks or so into flower. This will be my first time, can anyone review “Hurricane”, “Bruce Banner” or “Harlox”?

Thanks in advance, my friends :blush::seedling:

When ur not at work you can check them at Leafly. Never tried any of those sorry.

You aren’t getting those where I go lol…


Bruce banner not so great in my opinion, never heard of the other 2


Hurricane is a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid from Colorado breeders Reserva Privada that combines the spicy Haze genetics of Panama Punch with the OG Kush flavors of the award-winning LA Confidential. These flowers give off a mix of fruity smells with undertones of spice, and an earthy, herbal flavor when smoked or vaporized. Its potent mix of indica and sativa genetics produces a pleasant, giggly head high with a pain-relieving indica effects, and is generally considered suitable for daytime use.


Harlox isn’t listed on Leafly… Sorry @Sl1

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Funny @bob31 I found the dispensary on Leafly but maybe it’s something only they have at the NETA dispensary in Brookline Village?

Have you found the reviews on Leafly to be pretty accurate? They looked like they were posted quite a while ago. I’m new to medical maryj

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Thank you @Majiktoker

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An easy way is to call the dispensary that you are going to an ask them about the strains you are looking for and ones you have questions about. They love talkin about mmj, it’s thier job haha
Every one I’ve been to I’ve called in advanced and asked them what they have usually and what their specials are and when they have them, like on what days


@Sl1 if I’m not sure about the strain I just ask them. When I go in I tell them here’s what I’m looking for usually something like medium THC high cbd with a floral or fruity taste… For my wife lol. But I prefer to get two one daytime and one nightime.

I have never gotten bad advice from a dispensary.

She actually prefers the cbd tincture drops to everything else we’ve tried. Only thing we haven’t really tried is liquid vape.


Exactly. Never have I gotten a bud I didn’t like from a recommendation.


It is really crazy, the number of strains that are now. Anyone can throw a strain together and grow it. It is almost impossible to keep up with all the strains.

I am having a friend cross my columbian gold male plants from seeds (40 years old) with WW and another with Blueberry. He still hasn’t named them and I will get to have a say in the names because I am a “parent” also. If they come out really good, he is going to mass produce the seeds and I am going to be in on distribution of them. Of course, I will get plenty for me to “sample” LOL


Columbian Widow haha


Jeez well that was different!

1/4 oz limit on flowers

But I mixed and matched
Walker kush, hurricane and Flo

All nicely trimmed and sweet

Also a Master Kush pre rolled

And a couple caramel chocolate nuggets

Got a new member credit

Very helpful peeps

Hope not to have to do this very often, I like to homestead and be self sustaining

Pricey stuff! But way different than the mystery bags I’m used to :high_brightness:


Where at? What state?

MA. City of Boston. had a coupon too. Seriously.

Cool, yeah it’s a whole different world than buying from a sketchy plug and getting a random bag. I love going to dispensaries. I would love that job


I want to work
In their lab :slight_smile:


You can have the lab, I wann a sell the buds haha. I have my own label that gives me enough trouble haha. I would love be be able to legally sell this medicine


I asked how long they cured for was told “trade secret, but between 1 week and 2 months”. It’s all the same $ so guess it depends on demand. I’ve never smoked medical grade so this should be interesting.

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surprised to hear the limit. Is that always or were they short on stock?

The place we go will sell it as small as 1/16th so you can try a nice variety of bud. I have yet to find any that couldn’t be salvaged though, lol.