New Strain?

I had a Dark Star plant that germinated a Chernobyl plant. My question is, are the new buds a Chernobyl-Dark Star cross or are the seeds a new Chernobyl-Dark Star strain? The bud came out great and have received good reviews. I’m new to growing so I hope the question isn’t foolish. Any thoughts?

Not foolish, but wrong terminology. germinate is when a seed sprouts. Pretty sure you mean pollinate. Is it a new strain? I couldn’t tell you. That cross might exist already. There is a lot to developing new strains, and breeding plants. Cross those plants a few times and make sure that the genetics are the same. Them breed the 2nd generation plants to each other and see if everything holds. I really don’t play around breeding cannabis, but do plan on it in the future. I am to busy growing for medical use, and need to know that my genetics are solid. I hope you kept clones for the future.
If this is something that interests you, do a little reading and jump in.
Learn how to make a plant hermaphrodite and collect pollen to breed with the plants you want to cross with. Presto, you get feminized seeds.

Fun games, glad to see the interest


This is a start for your reading.

Now get those plants breeding. Throw some Luther Vandross on the music box and watch those sexy plant go.


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Never got into breeding for space and time issues myself, but great info here!

Here is a pic of my garden and a Chernobyl bud.
This all started by a friend and some clones. I planted 12 plants of varying strains out side, Chernobyl, redneck stranger, highwayman, dark star, blue cheese and redheaded stranger. These are prominent in my area. The Dark Star pollinated the Chernobyl , Highwayman and the blue cheese. The smoke is great and have been complimented. I have seeds from the three and was curious as to what are the seeds are. I don’t know much about the breeding end of things. I’m not going to get into it either as I’m small time and grow mainly for myself and son in law that has been doing chemo. Thanks for your reply and have a good growing season, I can hardly wait.

Can you pollinate a feminized or feminized auto plant with regular male pollen and get viable seeds?

viable yes they should sprout …no they will not be feminized they will be male ,morphadite.and female