New strain headband

Hi. Anybody heard of a strain called Headband. My some told me it great. Never heard of it. Thanks

60% Indica / 40% Sativa; sour diesel x OG kush, high THC, low CBD.


That’s a classic. I remember when it hit the scene and almost every rap artist was mentioning headband in their songs

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I looked in the ILGM seed bank. Didnt see it. Thanks @Konflict. Got an opinion of chemgawg?

Good migraine meds! :+1:

I haven’t grown it however all the different sub-strain names I’ve had were really nice smoke

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One of my favorites. 707 Headband is also a great medicine!


Thanks @MidwestGuy just wondering where the seeds are coming from. Didnt see them at ILGM or Nirvana/seeds.

Seedsman has headband and its variants.

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Hi @MidwestGuy not familiar with Seedsman. Can you fill me in, please. Thanks, man.:wink::v::sunglasses:

Be prepared to wait for over a month without word or tracking info.

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Seedsmsn is a site @MidwestGuy