New spot to guerrilla grow

@Covertgrower @dbrn32 @MattyBear so here’s the story I ran into a major car problem this year which set me back a few dollars and times. Anyways I tell you a story. Way back when I just got out of high school and started a new job I had a friend who gave $150 dollars worth of blue dream seeds. I decided to plant them by a spot where I thought it was a good. So every day off in the spring I would bring water and pour the are where I put the seeds. Then one day I had three sprouts week one in vegetation stage. So I was super happy. I would listen to Bob Marley. Anyways one day I go there and the plants are ripped out and no where to be found. Turns out I never sprayed deer replant. Where I’m located now I use wasabi spray and threes no trash and it’s quite. My next years grow is blue dream my buddy harvest two pounds outdoors three years ago.