New sp3000 and plants hurting

I have 2 Bruce B’s and 2 cookies extreme autos in 5 gal cloth pots …coast of Maine stonington …started under cfls 21 days 2nd 3rd tier 5-8 in …put under my new SP3000 at 24 in (now 28) 75% …gave them a good water through 2 days ago…but plants are drooping daily (some recovery during day) and color is off lighter green some dark veins…started seed in buffer area of seed starter in bag to avoid too many nutrients…could it be that the roots have made it to the hot soil and are adjusting? Any help is great…2nd grow…first is just finishing, GG4 ilgm auto…look great…


Maybe try dimming your light just a touch also are those pics and natural light or in the tent light in the tent light they will always look like that check them in natural light New growth will be light green until it fills in with chlorophyll and then darken up if you still think there may be issues with light green between the veins and natural light try adding a little calmag

Yes that’s in the tent…3 good one drooping

Thanks for input…gonna dim a little more for a few days see what happens…

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