New seeds coimg

Any have any news about pacific seed bank

Can you elaborate?

Want to know if they are any good before i buy from them

I have purchased some seeds from pacific seed co. I have had success with there seeds. Growing Snoop Dog og now, very nice. Plan growing Willie Nelson and Acapulca gold next grow. I have not any problems yet. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

Thats what i like to hear i picked up some kryptonite and some jedi kush hopefully they give me some decent bud’s

North Atlantic seed company is the quickest and most affordable place to get seeds. And they have great genetics from tons of breeders. Freebie seeds also.

Lesson learned i will stick with what works best ilgm is yhe only place i will get my seeds form now on last place only half poped up and im struggling to get them replaced so y fix something uf there was nothing to worry about